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Radio Survivor has the most comprehensive weekly coverage of low-power FM. Read our About LPFM page to learn the fundamentals of this unique class of community radio.

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Wrapping up the decade in radio and looking forward to the decade ahead

As I said in my introduction to our subjective and opinionated review of radio in the 2000s, I still think it was darn near impossible to predict how the medium of radio would end up at the beginning of 2010. Sure, the seeds for satellite radio, HD radio, low-power FM, internet radio and MP3s were […]

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#9 in our series on radio trends of the decade

The decade’s most important radio trends #9: The FCC Authorizes Low-Power FM

Today there are close to 1000 more noncommercial, locally-programmed community radio stations on the air in the US than a decade ago. The reason for this is the low-power FM radio service created by the Federal Communications Commission in 2000. While Congressional intervention cut the new service off at the knees at the end of […]

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Mike Doyle with some kind of robot that hopefully will get Congress to pass his LPFM bill.

Low Power FM gets backing of new FCC Commissioners

Congressmember Mike Doyle (D-PA) came to today’s House Commerce subcommittee hearing on the Federal Communications Commission with a question posed to all the new Commissioners. “Do you recommend that Congress lift the restrictions on LPFM stations—the so-called ‘third adjacent protections’?” “Based on what I know, yes,” new Chair Julius Genachowski quickly replied. “Yes,” responded new […]

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source: USAID

Radio factoid: educational broadcasting is pulling the weight when it comes to full power station growth

A look at radio licensing trends in the United States over the last five years shows an interesting pattern. While the number of commercial AM and FM full power licenses has declined or remained flat, there’s been a big expansion in educational FM stations. Lets’ review the stats in QA form. Q. How many Federal […]

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Colorado Dept. Transportation radio network with repeater stations

AM on FM

Back in the early days of FM, when AM radio ruled the roost and an FM radio was still a rare commodity, many station owners simply simulcast their AM station’s programming on their FM stations. In the 1960s the Federal Communications Commission put the kibosh on that scheme, ordering FM stations to air different programming. […]

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Congress grills FCC, NAB on Low Power FM

Representative Mike Doyle was on a roll today at a Capitol Hill hearing on getting more Lower Power FM radio stations rolled out across the country. He had the Federal Communications Commission and National Association of Broadcasters before him, and wanted to know why, if LPFM third adjacent interference is such a concern for commercial […]

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