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On air sign on door to on-air studio at college radio station WVCW. Photo: J. Waits

Radio Station Tours on the Podcast

For the past four years, I’ve been sharing tidbits of my radio station tours on the Radio Survivor show/podcast. My travels have taken me across the United States, visiting a variety of stations from California to New York.

In this collection of podcasts featuring radio station tours, you’ll hear interviews with enthusiastic radio participants working in high school radio, college radio, and community radio. Numerous low-power FM stations are represented, some of which were just getting on the air.

Every station has a unique story and it’s been my pleasure to bring more attention to intriguing radio happening in every corner of the United States. Read on for a list of radio station tours that have been featured on the podcast.

To dig into all of my tours, peruse the full list in chronological order.

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