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Podcast 113 - KUNV + WFUV

Podcast #113 – Mutual Aid Saves College Radio Station

At the end of 2015, it looked like the University of Nevada-Las Vegas might hand over the keys to its radio station, KUNV-FM, to Nevada Public Radio. More than a year later the situation reversed course, with the university deciding to keep the station and increase student involvement. Our college radio watcher Jennifer Waits learned that advice from other thriving college stations was pivotal in creating the plan to revitalize KUNV. In particular, the station’s General Manager Frank Mueller relied on wisdom from George Bodarky, the News & Public Affairs Director at Fordham University’s WFUV. Seeing this as a teachable moment, we invited them both on this episode to share this success story with our listeners.

The advice for engaging students in radio and their community that Frank and George share is pertinent not just for college radio, but for community radio broadcasters and podcasters, too.

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