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Podcast 99 - The Beginning of the end of AM in Brazil

Podcast #99: The Beginning Of The End For AM Radio In Brazil

Brazil is embarking on a grand experiment with the radio dial. AM stations have the opportunity to relocate to FM, and plans are afoot to expand the size of the FM dial. However, don’t be surprised that you haven’t heard about it. We hadn’t either until listener Álvaro Burns brought it to our attention.

Álvaro is a community broadcaster and podcaster from São Bernardo do Campo, and he joins us to explain the AM migration, and what it means for community radio. Then we reflect on the implications for the United States, where the FCC is about to open a licensing window for AM stations to get FM translator repeater stations, and is weighing other options for so-called “AM revitalization.” Álvaro also tells us about community radio in Brazil, and that country’s approach to licensing community stations.

Next week we celebrate 100 episodes of the Radio Survivor show with all four Radio Survivors reflecting on some of our favorite moments.

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Show Notes

Community radio stations in the ABCD Region of Greater São Paolo:

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