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Podcast 87 - Crossing Platforms

Podcast #87 – Crossing Platforms, from Radio to TV and Beyond

Community radio stations are not just transmitters and studios. Similarly, public access TV stations aren’t just cable channels with studios. They are community media platforms, with a privileged place and sense of permanence that comes from their FCC license or franchise agreement, respectively.

This week we explore how community radio and public access TV can work together, and how both kinds of stations can grow beyond the traditional boundaries of their respective medium. We share audio from a panel exploring this topic, moderated by Radio Survivor podcast host/producer Paul Riismandel at the Alliance for Community Media Northwest Region Summit, held at Open Signal, Portland Community Media on March 31 and April 1. Joining Paul for the discussion are Becky Meiers, Development Director at community radio KBOO-FM in Portland, and Devon Febbroriello, Executive Producer & Creative Director for XRAY Television, a joint project between community radio and Open Signal TV.

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