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Radio Survivor at Virtual GRC 2020

Podcast #267 – Live from the Grassroots Radio Conference: Community Radio and Protests

This week, the Radio Survivor crew did its first live broadcast from a virtual conference held over Zoom. As part of the 2020 Grassroots Radio Conference, we presented a live radio show during the event, which aired over host station ARTxFM’s (WXOX-LP) FM signal in Louisville, Kentucky as well as over the internet. The topic […]

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Podcast 243 - Live on XRAY

Podcast #243 – A Radio Survivor First

A common theme on Radio Survivor is that claims of being first should be viewed skeptically. From purported first college radio station to first internet simulcast, we’ve learned that there’s always another challenger to the prize. This time around, however, we can say this is definitively the first ever episode of Radio Survivor broadcast, and […]

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Podcast 87 - Crossing Platforms

Podcast #87 – Crossing Platforms, from Radio to TV and Beyond

Community radio stations are not just transmitters and studios. Similarly, public access TV stations aren’t just cable channels with studios. They are community media platforms, with a privileged place and sense of permanence that comes from their FCC license or franchise agreement, respectively. This week we explore how community radio and public access TV can […]

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