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Podcast 84 - Three Radios

Podcast #84 – Improving Your Radio Reception

LPFM, college and community stations are great, but because of low power many of them are also hard to hear, especially inside your house or office. Based on an inquiry from one of our Patreon supporters, we dedicate this episode to helping you improve your reception. Broadcaster and radio reviewer extraordinaire Jay Allen, the man behind the Radio Jay Allen website, joins to share his best advice for buying a new radio that will pull in those lower powered gems, and for optimizing reception with the radios or receivers you already own.

To make it easier for you to find the radios Jay recommends and follow his advice, we’ve summarized his tips in a separate post:

In the news, Jennifer reports on the possible sale of Brown University’s commercial radio station and give a preview of WTJU’s symposium, “College Radio: Then, Now, and Next” on March 17, where she will be presenting. Paul shares fresh stats on internet radio and podcast listening from the annual Infinite Dial survey, leading to a discussion on why non-comms need to be online and, especially, on YouTube in order to reach the youngest generation of potential listeners.

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