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Melanie Robinson, volunteer Program Director at KFSL in Fossil, Oregon

Podcast #52 – Small Town LPFM

Low Power FM radio stations can be a great addition to the media landscape in the big city, but on this episode we focus on rural LPFM. Eric Klein takes listeners on a tour of KFSL, the low power FM station that is the sole broadcaster in Fossil,Oregon (population 454). The station is staffed by a mere 3 volunteers, but it plays an important role in their community, especially in wildfire season.

In College Radio Watch, Jennifer Waits toured WGTB at Georgetown University, the college station with a very interesting history in Washington D.C. both on, and off the air.

As a bonus at the end of this fifty-second episode, Paul and Eric discuss their reasons for doing the hard work of producing a weekly podcast for Radio Survivor.

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Show Notes:

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One Response to Podcast #52 – Small Town LPFM

  1. RADIOSATELLITE2 July 2, 2016 at 3:57 pm #


    I listened to your podcast ( and as usual, RS2 is playing “on air” your podcasts twice a week ( We are an internet radio, located in Paris / France and of course with thousands of followers/ listeners in USA ( and hundred of thousands around the world).

    So about KFSL ( Melanie Robinson ) She was dreaming to broadcast “on internet”.
    What we could propose to Melanie is to broadcast their ” recorded podcasts” ( once a week) the one , they want to be listened “around the world”

    As they have no active website, no facebook page… No way to contact them ( and to call them by phone, it will be hard, according to jet lag between FRANCE and AMERICA ) ( I am at work, during the day…it’s not my main job, the’s a passion and a success story but only a passion : no revenue) 🙂

    In case, they want to call me, (@radiosatellite2)

    As we are playing your podcast ( with your agreement of course), we are ready to play the pods they want ” once a week ” to make their city known and their radio (also ) known.

    Tks for your program ( our listeners are congratulating you for this program)

    We have 2 American programs with of course American broadcasters and our listeners are NOT specificly french people (even if we are located in France) 🙂

    That’s the magic of Internet radios : (our) Listeners are from USA, Russia, Canada, Middle East, china , south america, europe etc…

    Best Regards

    Pierre Khabout ( Manager and founder of RS2 ): No commercial internet radio: No revenue of course. Just a passion in audio/radios : Resulting of this creation: a digital media project ( with websites/ blogs/ social medias etc..)

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