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podcast 50 - FCC gridlock

Podcast #50 – Prometheus v FCC and a Generation of Gridlock

The FCC has made nearly zero progress in its Congressionally mandated review and revision of media ownership rules for more than a decade. Instead the Commission has been dragging its feet for 13 years by failing to comply adequately to the ruling of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Prometheus v. FCC, which challenges the the Bush-era Michael Powell-led rules that the Court found to be unconstitutional.

Prof. Christopher Terry of the University of Minnesota joins to explain the Court’s most recent ruling, which can only be seen as a slap to the FCC. He explains the ruling, and helps us understand what it means for our media environment, and how it fits into a generation-long quagmire in how our electronic media is regulated.

Jennifer Waits joins for College Radio Watch, sharing her tour of WCUA at the Catholic University of America.

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One Response to Podcast #50 – Prometheus v FCC and a Generation of Gridlock

  1. radioguy July 17, 2016 at 7:14 pm #

    So, what happens if the FCC continues to stall? Can they be held in contempt by the court and punished, like anyone in a criminal court proceeding if they pissed off the judge? I can’t see all of the ownership rules and regs being tossed out the window-that would guarantee chaos. But the last 20 years of consolidation have done nothing but harm both television and radio in this country. iHeart and Cumulus are now thought of as failed companies, both seem to be headed towards bankruptcy court, and CBS is trying to unload its properties. Only Townsquare seems to be doing okay, but they’re not setting the world on fire, either.

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