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Podcast 47 Lost Episode

Podcast #47 – 99 Radio Station Tours & the Lost Episode

College radio correspondent Jennifer Waits shares her 99th radio station tour. This time, her guide at Hunter College’s WHCS was prepared with historical artifacts for Jennifer’s perusal.

Then Eric and Paul dive into more adult territory, as they dig up the so-called “lost episode.” Six months ago Eric interviewed three podcasters with shows that probably would never exist if radio were their only outlet. That’s because these shows are frank, explicit, sometimes profane, and likely even offensive to some audiences. Paul and Eric were initially reticent to run the segment, and put it on the metaphorical shelf. But then they decided to dust it off, because Paul contends that these kinds of shows highlight an overlooked aspect of podcasting, which explains why the medium has more in common with VHS videotape than radio.

Listeners are advised that we didn’t bleep or censor the podcasts or podcasters featured in this segment. So if you might be offended by adult language, frank sexual discussion or irreverently critical talk about religion, we advise that you don’t listen past College Radio Watch, which ends at the 27 minute mark.

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