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Podcast #29 – Will 2016 Be the End of Indie Internet Radio?

Small and medium sized internet-only radio broadcasters are facing a very immediate danger in 2016, due to changes in the performance rates that they are obligated to pay. Some estimates indicate that these fees may increase by as much as ten-fold, threatening to put hundreds, or even thousands of stations out of business. Paul digs in to explain what we know, and what we don’t know about the situation.

Jennifer Waits looks back at college radio in 2015, taking a moment to reflect on the contagious enthusiasm she encountered at stations around the country. Matthew Lasar discusses the change in format at struggling community radio station KUSP in Santa Cruz, CA, and the new music he’s discovered listening to it.

It takes hours of time and effort to do the kind of research and reporting needed to accurately and fairly report on issues like internet radio royalties and changes at college or community radio stations. Please support our work at Radio Survivor with a one-time or monthly donation.

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One Response to Podcast #29 – Will 2016 Be the End of Indie Internet Radio?

  1. RK Henderson January 13, 2016 at 5:50 pm #

    Great job on the small webcaster crisis, Paul.

    It’s worth pointing out that Net radio is marching on overseas; many countries already have a well-developed and -developing Net radio movement, thanks to practical copyright policies there. The real issue here is whether Americans will be able to benefit from the new medium. American Net radio producers were already up against a legal structure that made development and expansion difficult if not impossible; now they face a regime that prevents start-ups, period.

    The ramifications of such a move are deeply disturbing.

    Interested listeners may find the Net Radio Blog crisis update page useful; we add links to relevent information as we become aware of it. (This podcast, for example!) That URL:

    Thanks for the great article and podcast! It’s a big help.

    Robin Henderson

    Net Radio Blog

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