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Podcast #23: How Do You Do That on Instagram?

Social media is something broadcasters and podcasters are advised to embrace, but why? And what the heck is a radio station supposed to do on Instagram? Station builder and social media maven Jeffory Simmons is here to help. He’s been advising community radio and small businesses on how to best use social media, and he details why Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are good for building audience and community.

Keeping with the social media theme, Matthew Lasar gives us an overview of the new generation of interactive “turntable-style” music listening sites, explaining why he enjoys using them, and laments the loss of the platforms which innovated the genre, and

Finally, Jennifer Waits and Paul Riismandel report back from CMJ’s first-ever College Day on Tour, which brought college and community stations from across the Pacific Northwest together for a one-day event and conference in Portland.

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