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Radio Survivor Podcast #18: Focus on Fundraising with Ann Alquist

Community radio stations cannot survive without fundraising. Ann Alquist provides fresh perspective on raising money, and provocative ideas on how better to put your money and efforts to work. She is the Co-Executive Director of community radio station KDHX in St. Louis, Missouri, and she joins us from the Public Radio Program Directors Conference in Pittsburgh. Ann also shares her biggest takeaways from the conference and explains how they’re relevant for community radio, not just public stations.

In College Radio Watch Jennifer Waits previews the upcoming College Broadcasters Inc student media convention, where she will participate in two presentations. Then she updates us on the FCC’s final rulings in the long-standing challenges against the sale and demise of San Francisco college station, KUSF, and Eric shares a fond memory of that station.

Matthew Lasar investigates this pressing question: Did Disco kill WABC Music Radio, or was a government decision requiring more media diversity to blame? And Paul wraps things up with his own memories of WABC’s last days of Top 40 broadcasting.

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  1. Andy October 7, 2015 at 9:29 am #

    Seems like having someone to produce the news would be more important than having a “Co-Executive Director”. Just my opinion.

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