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Podcast 61 - Collaboration

Podcast #61 – Focus on Fundraising and Collaboration

Becky Meiers is our guest to help us better understand some best practices for fundraising in community radio. She’s the development director for KBOO in Portland, OR. Becky has tips for planning on-air pledge drives and more fundraising advice for stations of all sizes. We also talk about how and why KBOO is building partnerships […]

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Radio Survivor Podcast #19: Chauncey DeVega on Pro Wrestling & Podcasting; Centenary College Sells WNTI

On his podcast, essayist Chauncey DeVega says that it features him “with the volume turned up.” He discusses how the quality of intellectual discourse differs between television, radio and podcasting, and how that relates to pro wrestling, and shares how he wrangles the internet trolls who show up whenever something he writes goes viral. We […]

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Radio Matters

The Problem(s) of Community Radio

A station I used to work at is in a financial crisis. I don’t use that phrase capriciously. Membership has plummeted, the personal people meter rankings indicate that, statistically, no one is listening and the volunteer nature of the programmers is caught up in petty discourse defending the value of their shows and lamenting the […]

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WUTK logo

WUTK’s Fundraising Push for New Transmitter

University of Tennessee’s college radio station WUTK 90.3 FM is living on borrowed time as far as its aging transmitter goes. In the midst of a fundraising campaign in order to replace the transmitter and console (to a tune of $25,000 for both), the station is hoping to reach more listeners in the Knoxville area […]

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FCC Logo

FCC announces waivers for tornado relief fundraising on non-comm stations

Tuesday the FCC announced procedures for obtaining waivers to permit non-commercial stations to raise money on-air for Moore, Oklahoma tornado relief efforts. Although the Commission has yet to approve rules for non-commercial stations to do on-air fundraising for third-parties, the agency has granted waivers in response to significant natural disasters. Without a waiver it is […]

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New FCC logo

FCC proposes rules to let non-comm broadcasters fundraise for charities on-air

So, last night I wondered if the deletion of the non-commercial station fundraising item from the FCC’s open meeting agenda meant that they were going to release a proposal ahead of time. Today, the Commission answered that question by releasing a proposal to give non-commercial and educational (NCE) stations a limited ability to raise money […]

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New FCC logo

FCC drops non-commercial radio fundraising item from Friday’s meeting

Wednesday the FCC announced that it’s dropping from Friday’s open meeting an item addressing non-commercial radio stations’ ability to fundraise on-air for other non-profit organizations. The item appears to deal with stations raising money for efforts like disaster relief. But, as I wrote earlier this month, this rulemaking might also address non-commercial stations being operated […]

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NFCB Sessions' Fundraising Tips for Radio: Celebrity Smackdowns, 1-Day Drives and the Philanthropist Next Door

NFCB Sessions’ Fundraising Tips for Radio: Celebrity Smackdowns, 1-Day Drives and the Philanthropist Next Door

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters‘ 36th annual community radio conference was an incredible few days full of radio education and community radio bonding. Held in San Francisco from June 1st to June 4th, it featured an action-packed schedule of sessions, keynotes, and workshops. I’ve already recounted the Saving College Stations panel and Matthew has […]

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