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College Radio Watch: 12 Ways to Celebrate and Support College Radio on College Radio Day

Today is the 5th annual College Radio Day, a day set aside to celebrate the amazing culture of college radio. As Radio Survivor readers know, I celebrate college radio on a daily basis, so College Radio Day is kind of like the icing on the cake. In honor of College Radio Day, here are my suggestions on how to support college radio and celebrate college radio today and every day:

If You are a College Radio Listener Already:

  1. Donate to your favorite radio station, as it can always use the help
  2. Tell your friends to listen to college radio and give them suggestions about stations that they might like
  3. Seek out a new station that you’ve never heard before and listen in

If You are a College Radio Alum:

  1. Listen to the station(s) that you used to DJ at and consider sending them a donation
  2. Share your college radio past with your friends on your blog or on social media (it’s amazing to find out about who has a secret college radio past)
  3. Check out the college radio stations in the city where you live now

If You are a College Radio Participant:

  1. Share information about your station on your blog or on social media and talk about why college radio is important to you
  2. Try to learn something new about your station’s history. If it’s not well-documented, do some searching through old yearbooks and student newspapers and talk to station alums
  3. Reach out to another college radio station in your region to see if you can visit and swap stories

If You Have Never Listened to College Radio:

  1. Scan the dial or scour the web to find a station in your town, at your alma mater, or elsewhere, and give them a listen. One place to start is on Soundtap. Although it’s not entirely made up of college radio stations, the site makes it really easy to find and navigate through a wide range of college radio stations from all over the world.
  2. Read a few of my station tours to learn more about the culture of college radio
  3. Spread the word about what you heard

And, of course, you should also continue to read Radio Survivor and listen to the Radio Survivor Podcast for regular college radio reports and updates. We report on college radio news every week on the podcast and every Friday in this College Radio Watch column. By supporting Radio Survivor (by reading, listening, subscribing to our free weekly Bulletin, and by donating to our Patreon campaign), you are also helping to ensure that college radio stories get reported, as it’s still pretty rare for mainstream media to write about the culture of college radio.

We’d also love to hear your ideas for college radio stories that we should cover, so please drop us a line at editors AT radiosurvivor DOT com.


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2 Responses to College Radio Watch: 12 Ways to Celebrate and Support College Radio on College Radio Day

  1. Eric Jon Magnuson October 2, 2015 at 10:22 am #

    I was a bit confused by it initially, but the global version (World College Radio Day) has a completely separate online presence; see Despite being affiliated, the domestic (U.S.) site may not link to it.

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