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Radio Survivor Podcast #17: An Innovative Approach to Community Radio Podcasting

Lara Jones, community content manager at KRCL-FM in Salt Lake City, Utah, heads up a project that integrates podcasting and community radio in a new, innovative way. The station invites community members in to create podcasts, which are then excerpted for air in rotation during the normal program schedule. Eric talks to Lara to learn more.

We learn about two upcoming college radio events being put on by music and radio publication CMJ. David DeKeyser, CMJ’s General Manager of College Radio Network, tells Jennifer Waits about the College Radio Day happening during the CMJ Marathon in New York City, and the first College Day on Tour event happening in Portland, OR in November. Jennifer also reports on another college station that started airing public radio content part-time.

In Lasar’s Letter on Radio Matthew investigates just what is the first song about radio–it may have been much longer ago than you think. And Eric tells us about his new podcast project, and how he was motivated to get started by his work on Radio Survivor.

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