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Radio Survivor Podcast #11: Celebrating National Radio Day

This year a diverse coalition of non-commercial radio stations are joining together to step up celebrations of National Radio Day this week on August 20. We look at the history of the holiday and reasons to celebrate this most longstanding electronic medium, and listen to some ‘Sonic IDs’ produced in its honor. Paul talks with Vanessa Maria Graber from the public access TV station PhillyCAM which is producing a live podcast in front of a community audience on National Radio Day in anticipation of the low-power FM radio station the group is constructing.

In College Radio Watch Jennifer Waits explains the significance of a recent Appeals Court decision about music royalties paid by college radio stations, and she deconstructs the newest Princeton Review list of so-called ‘best’ college radio stations. In Lasar’s Letter on Radio, Matthew shares some highlights from the Pacifica Radio Network’s “American Women Making History and Culture” project. Plus, Paul reviews some news about the FCC’s fall radio agenda and Eric discusses his participation in KCRW’s 24-Hour Radio Race.

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