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Radio Survivor Podcast #10: WFMU’s Audience Engine Plans to Empower Community Media on the Internet

Pioneering community radio station WFMU wants to better empower community media on the internet. That’s why the station created Audience Engine, providing tools for publishing, community building and fundraising that don’t surrender control to third-party platforms like Facebook. WFMU station manager Ken Freedman joins to explain how the platform will help make stations sustainable when it is released this fall.

In the news we cover a commercial radio group that is targeting an LPFM and National Radio Day, which is coming August 20. Jennifer Waits investigates the question of what is the first women’s college radio station in the College Radio Watch segment. Finally, in Lasar’s Letter on Radio, Matthew pits the radio stylings of Herbert Hoover against FDR.

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Show Notes:

  • Audience Engine
  • Keeping your listeners with you: inside WFMU’s Audience Engine
  • Can WFMU’s Audience Engine Shake Up Non-Profit Journalism?
  • What’s the Oldest Women’s College Radio Station? from the Radio Survivor Bulletin
  • National Radio Day
  • LPFM Watch: Commercial Station Group Attacks Tampa LPFM
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