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Record playing at college radio station WRFL

Southwestern College Turns Back Class D FM license as it moves to LPFM

Class D FM radio licenses are a dying breed. Low power and subject to getting shuffled around the dial in order to make way for bigger broadcasters, it can be tough for many non-commercial educational FM class D stations (mostly college and high school stations) to be heard. In recent years we’ve seen a number of schools turn their class D licenses back to the FCC and Reed College donated its class D license for KRRC-FM to Common Frequency. Reed opted to apply for a new low power FM license and the same was also true for Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas.

Having been granted a construction permit for a new low power FM station, Southwestern College has now turned back its class D license for KSWC-FM at 100.3 FM and is ready to begin broadcasting over low power FM with the similar call letters KSWC-LP at 94.7 FM. With the low power FM license, the station will actually be broadcasting with more power than when it was class D. Broadcasting under the name Jinx Radio, KSWC has a long history at Southwestern College. A radio club apparently began in the 1940s and the school had an FCC licensed station by 1968.


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