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LPFM Watch: Reed College and Drury University to go LPFM and More LPFM News

This week ten more groups were granted construction permits for new low power FM (LPFM) radio stations. I’m thrilled to see two colleges and one school district in the mix, as not many schools have received grants in the past few months. By my count, 76 colleges/universities have now received new LPFM construction permits (out of 1,849 total construction permits across all groups) resulting from the fall 2013 application window.

Reed College’s Radio Station to Return to FM

One of the granted college radio stations this week is at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Once home to the long-time (since 1954) licensed class D FM station KRRC (see my tour on Spinning Indie), Reed has been operating an Internet-only station after donating its license to Common Frequency in 2012. KRRC had been forced to change frequencies a number of times and struggled to be heard on campus. After acquiring the license, Common Frequency worked to move KRRC (then at 97.9 FM) to a different frequency and found a group to run the new station, KXRY, now called X-Ray FM. X-Ray FM launched in March, 2014 and now broadcasts over 91.1 FM.

Reed College’s new LPFM station will broadcast from 4pm to 3:59am every day, sharing its 105.5 FM channel with the Portland Russian Media Center.

Another college radio station, KPSU at Portland State University, was initially in the running for this frequency as well, but its application was dismissed (despite numerous appeals) because the school was awarded fewer diversity points because at the time of the application, it was part of a larger university system that held additional radio licenses. KPSU (see my tour of the station on Spinning Indie) used to broadcast over AM through a deal with high school radio station KBPS 1450 AM (which I recently wrote about, as it’s potentially the oldest continuously operating high school radio station in the United States, having been on the air since 1923).

New LPFM Grants This Week

Churches/Religious Organizations

Portland Russian Media Center (105.5 FM in Portland, OR): In a time-share with The Reed Institute (Reed College), this organization “operates a Russian-language audio Internet service,” which it plans to develop into a new LPFM station. According to its application, its main educational objective is “to provide religious instruction and moral teaching.” Programming will air between 4am and 3:59pm daily.

Fundacion Arte Catolico Christiano (92.5 FM in Houston, TX): This religious station plans to air a Catholic talk format.

New Birth F. Baptist Church, Inc. (105.7 FM in Palm Bay, FL): This church plans to air religious programming, community programming, music, as well as programming for the local “French and Creole’s speaking population,” according to its application.

Jehovah Jireh International Mission (100.7 FM in Portland, OR): The group runs a missionary school and works with “Christ-based rehabilitation centers.” It plans to air locally produced religious-oriented programming and will broadcast from 2am to 1:59pm daily, sharing its channel with Slavic Community Center of NW, Inc.

Charles F. Martin Ministry, Inc. (98.7 FM in Live Oak, FL): According to its application, this station’s “…primary purpose is the outreach of non-denominational religious and moral doctrine that is inspirational, informational and educational to target populations and individuals in the general population of the Live Oak, Florida area.” It will specifically focus on “Black members of the Live Oak, Florida and surrounding rural areas” and its programming will “address the foundation of the breakdown of the family and crime.”


The Reed Institute (Reed College at 105.5 FM in Portland, OR): See above. Sharing with Portland Russian Media Center.

Drury University (98.1 FM in Springfield, MO): Drury University used to run a very low power FM station on campus (KDRU), which currently operates as an Internet-only college radio station and has connections with its programs in Multimedia Production and Journalism. According to its application, “An FCC-licensed Low Power FM station with the concurrent administrative responsibilities required would enhance and further our educational program by providing an experience closer to the professional radio-station workplace.”

Terrell Independent School District (95.5 FM in Terrell, TX): According to its application, this school district plans to operate its LPFM radio station at a high school in its district (Terrell High School) and “will integrate the station into its curriculum,” using it to “teach its students communication, management, and technical skills.”

Other Non-Profits

Radio America Media, Corp. (103.1 FM in Littleton, NH): The non-profit plans to offer “audio production facilities” and intends to collaborate with “the Communications program at Hugh J. Gallen Career Technical Institute” at Littleton High School, according to its application. Additionally, future programming will include live music (including local elementary school and high school groups) and remote broadcasts of events.

Slavic Community Center of NW, Inc. (100.7 FM in Portland, OR): In a time-share with Jehovah Jireh International Mission, this organization plans to run “locally produced public affairs programming” and will also provide radio training. It will operate from 2pm to 1:59am daily.

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