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LPFM Watch: Snuggle Buddy, UTD Dallas, and a Tribal Nation to Launch New Radio Stations + More News

This week was a little bit busier for low power FM (LPFM) hopefuls. Twenty one groups were granted permits this week and 17 applications were dismissed, bringing the grand total of granted applications to 1,785 from the fall 2013 application window.

Among the groups who were granted new LPFM construction permits this week are some interesting non-profits, including a Radio Survivor favorite: Snuggle Buddy, Inc. in Tupelo, Mississippi. According to its application, “Snuggle Buddy was formed in November 2011 by Jeff Snyder who realized there was a need to provide assistance and awareness for families who cannot provide a warm dry sleeping environment for small children.”

Snuggle Buddy’s new LPFM will help spread the word about the organization’s efforts and will also “air programs that are family oriented and focus on families providing for infants and kids” and will help to alert families to Snuggle Buddy’s services and hopefully “lead to fewer families doing without warm dry sleeping conditions,” according to its application.

I was also glad to see that another student radio station will gain access to the FM airwaves. Radio UTD at University of Texas at Dallas will soon be on LPFM through a collaboration with an amateur radio club on campus. By my count, this brings the total number of new university-affiliated LPFM stations to 73! Read on for more details.

Dismissed LPFM Applications this Week

Seventeen groups had their applications dismissed this week, including:

Uhuru Solidarity Movement, Inc. (St. Petersburg, FL)

Altamonte Springs Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Altamonte Springs, FL)

Foundation of Hope, Inc. (Corpus Christi, TX)

Gloster Street Church of Christ (Tupelo, MS)

94.9 Media Foundation, Inc. (Brownsville, TX)

Texas Arms of Love, Inc. (Odessa, TX)

Iglesia de Dios Fe Y Verdad en Plano, TX (Richardson, TX)

Life Advocate, Inc. (Eagleville, PA)

North Penn School District (Lansdale, PA)

West El Paso Hispanic Education Family Fundation (El Paso, TX)

Apologetics Press (Montgomery, AL)

First Spanish Free Methodist Church of Passaic (Passic, NJ)

Siradio, Inc. (Orange, NJ)

Optimum Voice, a NJ Nonprofit Corporation (Orange, NJ)

North Austin Community Media (Austin, TX)

Workers Defense Project (Austin, TX)

Palm Bay Unity Center Corporation Inc. (Malabar, FL)

New LPFM Construction Permits Granted This Week


The University of Texas at Dallas Amateur Radio Club (Richardson, TX): A student-run group at University of Texas at Dallas, the K5UTD Amateur Radio Club, is collaborating with streaming college radio station RadioUTD to operate a new LPFM station. According to its application,

RadioUTD programming consists of new and underplayed artists, weekly talk shows, and news about the music scene in Texas. With the addition of a Low Power FM transmitter, RadioUTD will be accessible to more students and citizens near the campus that do not have access to the already established internet stream, including local drivers. Having a Low Power FM transmitter will give students the opportunity to learn about real-world broadcasting techniques, FCC rules and regulations, and broadcasting standards.”

Tribal Stations

Tohono O’Odham Nation (San Xavier, AZ): The Tohono O’Odham Nation is a Native American tribe which already operates the full power radio station KOHN-FM. According to its application, “Programs will be broadcast in the O’odham language, and will thus help preserve the Nation’s cultural heritage while providing information not otherwise available through broadcast media.”

Churches/Religious Organizations

Ministerio R.M., Inc. (Sanford, FL)

TV Mision Corporation (Kissimmee, FL): Affiliated with TVM Christian University, this group plans to use its station in order to provide media training. According to its application, “TVMision has focused on developing a part-15 web streaming radio station, while awaiting the FCC license application window, with original programming on health, environment, technology, nutrition, education, entertainment, finance, and culture.” Currently operating out of a church, the group hopes to find its own facility in the future.

Iglesia Del Camino, La Verdad, Y La Vida, Inc. (Odessa, TX)

Solid Rock Worship Center (Corpus Christi, TX)

Center of Hope, Inc. (Anniston, AL): According to its application, the main purpose of this station “will be to produce and broadcast Christian Educational Radio Programs addressing the needs of those in the local community suffering from addiction and other self-destructive behaviors.”

The Jacksonville Church of Christ (Jacksonville, AL)

Calvary Chapel Mcallen Metro (McAllen, TX)

Prayer Well Educational Association (Harlingen, TX)

Knights of Columbus Home Association (Harlingen, TX): According to its application, this branch of the Knights of Columbus plans to “expand its educational and religious endeavors through an educational Catholic radio station…”

Immaculate Heart Cenacle Association (Brownsville, TX)

Austin Cathedral, Inc. (Austin, TX)

Camino del Rey (Austin, TX): This group’s work is focused on the “Hispanic community, providing religious and moral education and guidance, as well as community outreach and economic and social [assistance] programs.” The planned station will broadcast “Spanish-language programming…with a strong focus on enriching the family values, moral foundation and spiritual well-being by putting educational and knowledge programming at their reach,” according to its application.

Other Non-Profits

Awakening/Art & Culture (Orlando, FL): This non-profit is “dedicated to artistry, heritage, imagination and the public interest” and produces the Orlando Latin American Film and Heritage Festival (Ola Fest). It plans to air a range of shows, including world music, public affairs programming, news in Spanish and English, and more. Read more about this group on the Prometheus Radio Project website.

Snuggle Buddy, Inc. (Tupelo, MS)

AframSouth (Montgomery, AL): Aframsouth “fosters and encourages the strengthening of African American families by addressing social and health inequalities,” according to its application. The group hopes to expand its social justice work through the radio station by airing mostly public affairs programming. It may also expand to include gospel and jazz music shows.

Tri-County Community Programming Fund (Phoenixville, PA)

Sin Fronteras Organizing Project (El Paso, TX): This group “was founded to fight against the injustices and inequalities faced by the farmworker community of West Texas and Southern New Mexico,” according to its application. It plans to air a “broad range of educational, cultural, news and public affairs programs.”

Affiliated Media Foundation Movement, Inc. (New Orleans, LA): In existence since the late 1970s, this group “produces radio news, public affairs, and programming serving the needs and interests of low and moderate income Americans” and “is a platform for voices not commonly heard in the mainstream media,” according to its application. Its studio and tower will be in the 9th ward in New Orleans.

Radio Free Roanoke Inc. (Roanoke, VA): This new community radio station plans to air a diverse line-up of programming, including classical and metal music, “Democracy Now!” as well as other local music and talk shows. According to its application, “We plan to engage, educate and entertain our listeners, through inclusive programming representing our diverse local community. We will provide programming designed and implemented by those whose interests are typically underserved by established radio stations in the Roanoke area. All participating members of Radio Free Roanoke are committed to collaborative processes to achieve this shared goal.” The station is already streaming online.

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2 Responses to LPFM Watch: Snuggle Buddy, UTD Dallas, and a Tribal Nation to Launch New Radio Stations + More News

  1. Jeff March 26, 2015 at 1:36 pm #

    Thanks Jennifer. Interesting that no licenses were granted or denied in California. Waiting to hear about my favourite station that has applied – hoping for good news soon.

  2. Morris Jeffreys April 2, 2015 at 9:54 am #

    Jennifer, Great job. Just an idea. Why don’t you mention in Radio Survivor the stations who have filed their 319s and are on air. You might do a story on comparing this window with the 2000 window on the numbers actually signing on etc. The CP’s potentially within 3 months of expiring are concerning and you may want to run a story on what to do to extend a CP.

    Thanks for the good job that you all do. Here in the south, it’s y’all do.

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