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Red phone at college radio station KXSU

They Might Be Giants Launches Dial-a-Song Radio Network

They Might be Giants just brought back its Dial-a-Song series (which debuted in the 1980s) in which the band is releasing a new song every week for a year. As part of the promotion, it will be debuting each week’s song over a Monday night podcast (“The Gist”) on Slate as well as sharing the song with radio stations in its new Dial-a-Song Radio Network. So far, a wide range of college, commercial, online-only and community radio stations have signed up for the network.

More than 100 stations have signed up for the 2015 Dial-a-Song Network and there’s still time if others want to join. Some of the participating stations include community radio stations KKUP and WFMU, college radio stations KXLU and KTCU, online stations Radio Dork and Radio Free Charlotte, as well as some stations in the UK and Canada.

Starting today, each week’s song can also be heard online on Dial-a-Song every Tuesday (and fans can also subscribe to get the entire 52 week series).

The original Dial-a-Song project allowed fans to hear each week’s new song by calling up a phone number and hearing the song over the recorded message. In a nod to that, each week’s online video shows the image of a phone, with the music emanating from its handset.


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