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bathroom graffiti at college radio station WMFO

10 Fascinating Things Spotted at College Radio Stations in 2014

I was lucky to be able to visit quite a few college radio stations in 2014 and have shared some of those field trips on Radio Survivor and Spinning Indie. Next week I’ll write up a comprehensive “2014 year in review” post about the state of college radio, but as I reflect back on the year, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite moments from my radio station tours.

I also hereby vow to continue visiting radio stations and hope to do my best to post my field trips in a more timely manner (I still have a back log of trips from October to write up!) in 2015. With that, here are some of the more unusual items that I spotted while touring college radio stations in 2014:

1. Vintage 16″ Records at Swarthmore College radio station WSRN (read more about my visit here)

16" record at college radio station WSRN

Vintage 16″ Record at College Radio Station WSRN (Photo: J. Waits)

2. Two-Story Record Library at University of Maryland’s WMUC (read more about my visit here)

Record Library at College Radio Station WMUC

Record Library at WMUC. Photo: J. Waits

3. AM Transmission Equipment at WHRC from Haverford College’s Carrier Current Days (see more here)

AM transmission equipment at college radio station WHRC

AM carrier current transmission equipment at WHRC at Haverford College. Photo: J. Waits

4. Swear Jar at University of Washington-Bothell’s radio station U-Wave (field trip post coming soon…)

Swear Jar at college radio station UWave

Swear Jar at U-Wave Radio at University of Washington, Bothell. Photo: J. Waits

5. Neon Sign at Northeastern’s WRBB (read more here)

Neon WRBB sign

Neon sign at WRBB at Northeastern University. Photo: J. Waits

6. Album cover on the ceiling at WHRB at Harvard University (read more about my visit here)

Oil and Vinegar album cover at college radio station WHRB

Album cover on the ceiling of one of the lounges at WHRB. Photo: J. Waits

7. Framed Needlepoint at WMBR at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (see my complete visit report here)

Ohm Sweet Ohm cross stitch at college radio station WMBR

Ohm Sweet Ohm needlepoint at WMBR at MIT. Photo: J. Waits

8. Bathroom Graffiti at WMFO at Tufts University (read more about my field trip here)

bathroom graffiti at college radio station WMFO

Graffiti in the WMFO bathroom at Tufts University. Photo: J. Waits

9. ‘N Sync Bobbleheads at WLOY at Loyola University, Maryland (read more here)

'N Sync bobbleheads at college radio station WLOY

‘N Sync bobbleheads at WLOY at Loyola University, Maryland. Photo: J. Waits

10. This Amazing Red Telephone at KXSU at Seattle University (field trip post coming soon…)

Red phone at college radio station KXSU

Phone in studio at KXSU at Seattle University. Photo: J. Waits

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