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Moodoid broadcast from Liverpool over college radio station KFJC

College Radio Watch: College Radio Day is a Chance to Celebrate Creativity and Camaraderie

Happy College Radio Day! Although I celebrate college radio on a daily basis already, this past week has been particularly immersive. Last Friday and Saturday I had a crazy lost weekend of marathon college radio consumption, as I was riveted to KFJC‘s live remote broadcast and videostream from the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia.

I’m a volunteer and DJ at the Foothill College radio station and I was so excited about the event that I tuned in for the entire broadcast, which was more than 22 hours total over the course of Friday and Saturday.

I listen to KFJC every day, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever tuned in to the station for such a long stretch before. The music was great, but more importantly, it was a chance for me to show support for the KFJC volunteers who trekked to Liverpool in order to pull of this ambitious broadcast. As they struggled to get on the air the first day, I was at home in my living room with my fingers crossed. It was an incredible feeling when I caught the first glimpse of video from Liverpool and heard music from afar.

To me, events like that epitomize not only the power of college radio, but also the camaraderie that it can foster. I love it that KFJC and many other college stations are willing to undertake creative projects, airing programming that is outside of the mainstream. The initial lure of college radio for me was the music. I’ve always wanted to stay in touch with new and interesting sounds and college radio has been my preferred path to music knowledge. But I also probably wouldn’t still be so involved with college radio after all these years if it weren’t for the sense of community that I feel with my fellow DJs and volunteers.

In honor of today’s College Radio Day (read more about it here), here are a few more words of wisdom and links to College Radio resources on Radio Survivor:

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How are you celebrating College Radio Day today? What is it about college radio that you are thankful for?

To keep up to date on college radio news, read College Radio Watch every Friday.


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