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Live Internet radio’s case for the reclassification of broadband

FCC LogoI continue to scan the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality proceeding for radio related comments, and came across this interesting filing (reposted below), submitted on July 11. The author identifies himself as a radio host who, unable to obtain reliable ISP service for live streaming, resorts to an ISDN connection:

“I host a radio show one hour each week, that is sent live via the Internet and I must have clean, fast internet connections. Even though I have what is purported to be very fast Internet (50 Mbps down, 10 up) I am unable to consistently send my show cleanly and consistently. Instead I am forced to use my phone company’s 1990s technology, ISDN. Neither my telco, Smart City nor Comcast can provide fast consistent speeds for decent quality audio over IP, unless I am will to pay more than double what I am currently paying for “business grade” service. We don’t need more hidden levels of service. What we do need is clear consistent service with total price transparency. Each pricing tier should be clearly labeled with minimum bandwidth and quality specs, not with some pie-in-sky potential performance.

[T]he Internet is the 21st century version of the telephone and it is likely that few markets will ever have more than two providers. Therefore, traditional competitive pressures will not suffice as the only means to keep prices low and transparency high. There must be some strict guidelines that mandate service levels and eliminate opacity. No secret back room deals. Everyone should have equal access at clearly stated price tiers.”

This strikes me as the implied case for reclassification of broadband as a telecommunications service. Here is more information on how to interface with the FCC’s net neutrality proceeding.

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