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Photo diary: KZSC, WFMU, McSchmormac, KPOO, KPFA/Pacifica

You have here before you a small variety of badly taken cell phone photographs, documenting my radio station travels over recent months. I apologize for the red-eyed out-of-focusedness of it all, but I thought I’d post some of them anyway.

Ken Freeman, et al

Ken Freedman and friends at The Homestead.

WFMU: Back in March, Radio Survivor friend Kenya Lewis let me know that WFMU of New Jersey General Manager Ken Freedman had undertaken a whirlwind tour of the west coast and would appear at The Homestead bar in San Francisco. In response a small battalion of SF based WFMU lovers arrived and assembled in a Homestead back room to hang out.

The domicile had no windows. It was all very raucous and ribald. Goodness knows what these people would have gotten into if I hadn’t been there to admonish them to behave themselves. After I left, they probably did it all anyway. That’s Freedman in the middle of the top photo; below The Fans, yet another testimony to WFMU’s success.

The Fans . . .

San Francisco Friends of WFMU . . .

KPOO: Last year I hung out at San Franciso’s KPOO with the world famous DJ McSchmormac, host of the Grammophoney Baloney Show, which keeps moving to various places (hopefully it will stay put at KPOO for a while). We played Pablo Casals and Art Tatum, among other luminaries. Here’s a shot of McSchmormac deftly spinning the records:

DJ McSchmormac

The Great DJ McSchmormac

KZSC: ‘Sleepy’ John Sandidge had me on UC Santa Cruz’s KZSC some weeks ago to talk about community radio issues. He’s a really good host. I get the impression Sandidge has a show on just about every community radio station in the Santa Cruz area. Afterwards I took this out-of-focus photo of KZSC’s hugely impressive LP library:


Pacifica/KPFA: In May a judge enjoined former Pacifica Executive Director Summer Reese from “entering, remaining, blocking ingress into or egress from, or the passage of persons into or out of” the  Pacifica National Office in Berkeley (translation: leave, which Reese did). It was all part of a big fight over whether she was properly or improperly fired from her job. I’ve got no comment on that episode other than that (one) I love words like “ingress” and (two) I enjoyed several posters that Reese and her entourage pasted up on the PNO windows during their relatively brief stay, complete with mom, biblical readings, and air mattresses. I took this photo after being interviewed for Pacifica station KPFA’s 65th anniversary (KPFA’s HQ is right next door). Pacifica window slogans include: “Keep Calm and Resist Coup.”

Pacifica resist coup

“Keep Calm and Resist Coup!”

Last: here’s a photo of Good Job, Brain! presiding at the Stitcher Awards for 2013.

Good Job Brain!

Good Job, Brain!


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