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College Radio Station equipment and flyers at the Saving WMUC exhibit

College Radio Survivor: Faculty Ask to Halt WDBK Sale, KRFH Launches LPFM, KDMC-LP Leaves Air, and More News

I spent last week traveling and happily immersed in the world of college radio and so this week’s College Radio Survivor will be a super-sized edition (apologies for the lack of a column last week). I presented at the Saving College Radio Symposium last Friday in College Park, Maryland and this Monday I gave a recap of that event, explaining that the preservation of college radio history is an important way to acknowledge the vital role that college radio plays in our broader culture. All stations can take steps now to ensure that college radio artifacts are available for future generations. I hope to continue to compile a list of college radio history resources and was happy to hear that University of Massachusetts, Amherst has materials in its archives related to its campus radio stations.

As I scanned through the past few weeks worth of college radio news, I was pleased to see a cover story about college radio in Hartford Magazine. The feature includes some great photos of local Connecticut radio stations WHUS (University of Connecticut), WWUH (University of Hartford), WRTC (Trinity College), WECS (Eastern Connecticut State University), and WESU (Wesleyan University) that capture the college radio experience. In this week’s College Radio Survivor, there’s lots of good news regarding college radio, but there is also some unfortunate news, with a few stations planning to give up their licenses.

Stations Leave Air, Faculty Protest Sale of WDBK

Faculty at Camden County College Pass Resolution to Halt Sale of WDBK-FM

A few months ago I reported about the proposed sale of Camden County College radio station WDBK-FM. Although the license sale is still pending (with apparently no bidders so far), the Faculty Association unanimously passed a resolution calling for a halt to the sale of the station. According to the resolution, “Camden County College is attempting to sell the FCC license of WDBK-FM in an online auction without consultation of the faculty.” The resolution further argues that, “…sale of the WDBK-FM license will hinder the ability of the Communications program to recruit students and will no longer serve as a recruitment tool to promote the entire college” with students losing “the benefits of operating an FCC licensed non-commercial station.” In addition to asking for a halt to the sale, the faculty are requesting that “the college administration enter into an agreement with the faculty that will dedicate time, and resources to form partnerships with county government, media industry, alumni and students to fund the necessary maintenance and repairs to retain the WDBK-FM license.”

Former WDBK General Manager Drew Jacobs (he was at the station from around 2002-2006) is an Assistant Professor at the college and was taken by surprise when he heard news about the pending station sale last fall.  He said that he believes that it would be a “mistake” to give up the license. When I asked him if he knew about future plans for the station to be online-only, he told me that the station had just started streaming online (via a link from the school’s homepage) in fall 2013. According to Jason Love of Camden County College’s Business Services department, “We have had some inquiries about the license but have not received any bids.”

WNEK-FM License Cancelled

Western New England University failed to file its license renewal for WNEK 105.1 FM, which was due on December 1, 2013. According to a letter (PDF) sent by its counsel to the FCC, the university does not intend to renew the license, so as of April 1, the class D license has been cancelled and the call letters deleted.

Southeast Missouri State University station KDMC 103.7 FM to Leave the Air

As I mentioned in LPFM Watch yesterday, KDMC aka Rage FM at Southeast Missouri State University will cease terrestrial broadcasts at the end of spring semester. Student radio has existed on campus since at least 1976, when KRCU launched over FM. The KRCU website indicates that station began to “transition from an alternative music station, to a regional public radio outlet and member of National Public Radio” in 1988.  In 2002, the school was granted a permit for LPFM station KDMC out of Cape Girardeau, Missouri for use as the student radio station. An online petition has been launched in order to help keep KDMC on the air.

WMHD Explores Sale of Station License

A few weeks back, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology’s college radio station WMHD in Terre Haute, Indiana requested to go silent while it explores a potential station sale, according to All Access. According to the station’s request to the FCC (PDF) to remain off the air, “The station is student-run, and has experienced ongoing staffing and coverage issues. To avoid a drain on financial resources, the licensee decided to take the station off-air as it considered its options, which now includes the potential sale of the station to a third-party.”

LPFM News, Including Launch of Humboldt State Radio Station TODAY

Although KRFH has been around for decades at Humboldt State University as a campus-only AM carrier current radio station, as of today, it will launch its first FCC-licensed radio station thanks to its recently acquired LPFM license. Broadcasting over 105.1 FM, KRFH plans to give out radios on campus from 10am to 4pm today so that students will be able to tune in to the new terrestrial broadcasts starting at 5pm.

In yesterday’s LPFM Watch, I reported on some college radio updates. At this point, there have been around 44 new LPFM applications granted to colleges/universities. The most recent grantees include Seattle University (Seattle, Washington) on April 2 and University of the Virgin Islands (John Brewers Bay, VI) on April 4.

Additionally, SUNY College at Oneonta (Oneonta, NY) just requested to have its construction permit cancelled for a new LPFM station at 104.7 FM and the FCC complied, cancelling the permit on April 14.In other LPFM news, a recent feature about Aggie Radio highlights the Utah State University station’s interest in obtaining a new LPFM license for the online-only station.

College Radio Press, Accolades, Promotions, and Fests

WolfStock, KXLUFest, WCWMFest, and Other Spring Events

As the semester draws to a close, many stations are holding spring events and concerts. University of West Georgia’s college radio station the Wolf held WolfStock, featuring games and music. Amherst College station WAMH just concluded its spring concert series and Indiana University of Pennsylvania station WIUP is wrapping up its inaugural College Radio Week, which is designed to help promote the station via live broadcasts. And, a few weeks back Loyola-Marymount’s first ever KXLUFest brought big name acts to the Los Angeles campus for a day-long event. Across the country, the College of William and Mary’s radio station WCWM also hosted an outdoor music festival called WCWMFest, headlined by the Dodos. Finally, MacROCK (the Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference) also brought live bands and a few panel discussions to the mid-Atlantic.

KJHK Wins 24 Awards from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters, WRST Honored at Midwest Journalism Conference, WPPJ Wins at IBS

University of Kansas student radio station KJHK came home with 24 awards from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters across a range of categories. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh station WRST-FM also took home some awards from the Midwest Journalism Conference, receiving awards from the Northwest Broadcast News Association. Additionally, Point Park University radio station WPPJ-AM was recognized at the recent IBS conference in New York.

Sonoma State, Sacramento State, and Tufts stations Get Some Ink…Student says College Radio has been her Favorite College Experience

A profile of a Sonoma State University student reveals her passion for college radio, stating that her time at KSUN has been her favorite experience in college.Sacramento State University station KSSU also got some ink in Sac State Magazine, which talks about the vital role that the freeform station plays on campus. The Tufts Daily writes about the 40+ year history of Tufts radio station WMFO, highlighting some of the station’s programming.

WCLH Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Wilkes University radio station WCLH marks its 40th year on the air and will hold a special event the evening of April 25th.

Smoking Speaker Takes Down KAMP Radio Over the Weekend

A smoky speaker led to an outage at KAMP Radio last weekend, leading to frayed nerves at the University of Arizona student radio station. Streaming resumed shortly after the problem was resolved.

College Radio Day Launches First Episode of Weekly Radio Show

Episode One of Underground Curations launched this week. Created by College Radio Day, this weekly radio show will focus on unsigned artists and is available for college radio stations to play on air.

KALX Releases Promotional Video

University of California, Berkeley’s radio station KALX 90.7 FM just released a promotional video, which you can enjoy here…


FCC Violations Lead to Fines at Two College Radio Stations

FCC Responds to WEAX and WTXR Regarding Forfeiture Amounts for Public File Violations

According to a recently agreed-upon Consent Decree (PDF), Toccoa Falls College in Georgia has agreed to pay $1000 to the United States Treasury as penance for public file violations at its student-run radio station WTXR. The school also agreed to establish a Compliance Plan to ensure that future violations do not occur. Back in 2012, the station had received a $10,000 forfeiture order for these violations and this Consent Decree will eliminate the station’s liability for that higher amount. In another case, the FCC is maintaining (PDF) the $7,200 forfeiture order for public file violations at WEAX at Trine University (Angola, Indiana).

International College Radio News

University of Calgary Station Unable to Expand Programs Following Referendum

Due to a student referendum vote, CJSW will not have the funding required in order to add podcast archives and amp up its website.

Student Radio Stations in Ireland Can Now Join UK Student Radio Association

Student radio stations in Ireland (who have been organizing of late) are now eligible to join the UK-based Student Radio Association. According to Radio Today, a “…motion was passed to add the Republic of Ireland to the constitution to allow ROI student stations take part in events such as the Student Radio Awards and Student Radio Conference.”

Shock Radio Attempts Marathon Radio Broadcast in UK

DJs at Shock Radio attempted to do the longest continuous broadcast over the weekend at the University of Salford student radio station. The Manchester station made it to its 85-hour goal.

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  1. Aaron Read April 21, 2014 at 6:52 am #

    Kudos for Camden County College faculty and staff for organizing to show the administration that they want to keep the license of WDBK. But I think realistically this is a wakeup call that small, non-comm licenses that don’t cover a lot of people and can’t be moved due to tight spectrum markets? They are just not that valuable anymore. The heyday of pre-2007 consolidation is long gone. A $200,000 minimum bid is laughable for a station that small; knock a zero off and it might be more realistic.

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