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Let’s get meta: Marketplace covers the viral audio question

In the spirit of seeing if audio content can go viral, APM’s Marketplace asked journalist Stan Alcorn to make a short radio version of his report for Digg, “Is This Thing On,” which explored the question of why audio doesn’t tend to spread across the internet like cat videos.

Marketplace has also installed a little widget to let listeners submit their own examples of audio that has the potential to go viral.

In the Marketplace piece Buzzfeed’s editorial director says that viral audio might appeal to users of mobile devices, the “bored in the car” or “bored in line” demographic. What do you think? Will audio ever go viral like a cat video, and what would it take? Let us know in the comments.

Hat-tip to Ashley Milne-Tyte


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One Response to Let’s get meta: Marketplace covers the viral audio question

  1. Low Power Radio Guy February 26, 2014 at 6:46 am #

    Audio will not go viral, not because of technology but because of biology.

    For the same reason we turn down the radio in the car when we are having trouble parallel parking, for the same reason we listen to an iPod at the gym.

    We are visual creatures and a vast majority of our own data processing capabilities are centered on vision. We are quad core on vision and single core on audio.

    The same biology that makes it possible for us to exercise more easily when are listening to music makes it very difficult for audio to go viral.

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