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Winners announced for annual Podcast Awards

The Morning Stream podcast won 2 Podcast Awards

The Morning Stream podcast won 2 Podcast Awards

Two veteran podcasters took home the most awards at this year’s Podcast Awards, announced at the New Media Expo this past Sunday in Las Vegas. Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbot won both the Comedy and People’s Choice categories for The Morning Stream, while their Film Sack podcast won for the Movies/Film category. Film Sack also won in 2011.

Ibbot also won the PodSafe Music category for the fourth time with his Coverville show, which plays cover versions of well known songs.

PodSafe Music is a particularly interesting category, since copyright laws make it difficult for podcasters to play most commercially released music without obtaining specific permission from labels and/or artists. Therefore, the music heard on programs nominated for this category has either been released under an appropriate Creative Commons license, was recorded specifically for a given podcast or has been submitted for inclusion.

Across 22 categories 15 winners had taken home awards previously and 9 of them won their categories last year, too. What I appreciate about the Podcast Awards is that some less well-known programs, not hosted by celebrities from other media, are included amongst both nominees and winners. However, the pool of nominees and winners still seems to be dominated by a particular cadre of producers and podcasts. Given that winners are determined by an open public vote, I’m guessing that these podcasters are particularly good at mobilizing their listeners to weigh in.

That’s not a criticism of the Podcast Awards’ methodology. There likely would be more diversity amongst nominees and winners if more podcasts campaigned for the awards.

If I were going to criticize the Podcast Awards it would be for the fact that–as I noted last year–this competition is not well known or covered outside of a comparatively tight circle of podcasters and bloggers. A quick Google News search for “Podcast Awards” early this morning turned up no press coverage–or press releases–about the winners, even though the Awards have been around for 8 years. I might argue that if the Podcast Awards were more well-publicized then there would be a larger pool of nominees, at the very least.

That point aside, reviewing the Podcast Awards nominees and winners always introduces me to some new programs. I have to give credit to the New Media Expo for keeping the podcasting torch burning even while mainstream press attention wained for many years. Props also go to the many independent producers who kept the competition flush with nominees. Perhaps next year the Podcast Awards will find a way to attract more attention.

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