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Radio Station Scavenger Hunt – Station Graffiti Part 4

WZRD graffiti

WZRD graffiti (photo: J. Waits)

This week I started a new Radio Station Scavenger Hunt series.  As I’ve searched through the hundreds of photos that I’ve taken at nearly 50 radio station visits, it’s become clear that there are certain items that are frequently found at a range of different stations. In the past I’ve written about the 5 things typically seen at college radio stations, have documented skull sightings, have outlined many of the places with mysterious call letter signs, and I’ve also counted down my 12 favorite radio station signs.

Focusing on graffiti this week, so far I’ve shared pictures of graffiti from the Lewis and Clark college radio station KLC in Portland, from KSFS at San Francisco State, and from KRRC at Reed College. Today’s picture is from Northeastern Illinois University station WZRD in Chicago. The photo was taken during my visit to the station last month.



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