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11-year-old College Radio DJ Hosts Show on Rockford College Radio

RadioKidLast night, 11-year-old college radio DJ Myles Buchanan hosted his second radio show on Rockford College Radio, an Internet radio station in Rockford, Illinois. Dubbing himself the Radio Kid, Buchanan is behind the mic for The Scoop, a program aimed at kids like himself.

On the first episode, which aired on January 22, Buchanan was joined by 31-year-old co-host Geoff Carter. According to an article in the Rockford Register Star, Carter is serving as Buchanan’s radio mentor. In the debut episode, Buchanan covered a range of topics, from sports to bullying to music. He revealed that he’d recently seen both the Harlem Globetrotters and Shrek the Musical. In a regular segment (“Bear Den”), he interviewed his uncle (a season ticket holder) about the Chicago Bears and fielded phone calls from other kid listeners. Additionally, he played a countdown of his “hot 5 in the 815.” Alicia Keys made the list for the first week.

Podcasts of previous episodes can be heard on the Rockford College Radio website.

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