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Conservative talk radio on Obama: no soul searching today

Everybody is saying that the Republicans are going to have to engage in some “soul searching” in the wake of yesterday’s Obama victory. I’m not hearing a whole lot of that from Rush Limbaugh.

“What are we supposed to do now?” the Rushbo asks. “In order to get the Hispanic or Latino vote, does that mean open the borders and embrace the illegals?”

I want you to think about this.  Is that what this means?  Is that what the Republican establishment means?  We’ve gotta reach out to Hispanics, is that what they mean?  If we’re not getting the female vote, do we become pro-choice?  Do we start passing out birth control pills?  Is that what we have to do?

Rush Limbaugh

Meanwhile Glenn Beck seems to be on the verge of a total freakout:

I’ve been telling you for a while and I’ve been telling my own staff, if the president wins, I don’t know how we survive. I don’t know how we survive the regulation that is coming from my country. I don’t know how we’re going to survive the pressure and the tactics because he has more flexibility now and they remember their enemies I don’t know how we’re going to survive because I won’t compromise. I won’t make a deal with the devil.

Sean Hannity, on the other hand, says just keep on keeping on:

I refuse to go where some people have gone. People I know have been crying. People that I know have been down. Used the word ‘depressed’ . . . ‘shocked’ . . . I just refuse to go there. And I’m not saying this is some manufactured way to raise your spirits. I’m just being honest as I always am. . . .

Clearly we are in the this-isn’t-happening-and-we-aren’t-here stage of the conservative discussion. Maybe I’ll tune in again next week.

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One Response to Conservative talk radio on Obama: no soul searching today

  1. Brandt Hardin November 7, 2012 at 6:06 pm #

    Despite all odds, our President prevailed. He still has an uphill battle fighting a Red House which has blocked his every move in an attempt to squash his goals of bringing the Middle Class equal pay, women’s rights, gay rights and affordable healthcare. The Bush Administration drove our economy into a swift nose dive and Obama is still the patsy. Watch conservative hands paint him in Blackface with a visual commentary of how Barack has been bamboozled at

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