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College Radio News Round-Up: Radio K turns 100, KALX turns 50, WBNY turns 30

Record Library at KALX (2009 photo by J. Waits)

Record Library at KALX (2009 photo by J. Waits)

It’s always great to see college radio stations celebrating their lengthy histories and in recent weeks we’ve seen events commemorating college stations turning 30, 50, and 100! Additionally, I’m happy to share some other good news on the college radio front, culled from a number of recent articles.

College Radio is Alive and Innovating

In an interview with Radio World, College Broadcasters Inc. (CBI) President Gregory Weston discusses the ongoing relevance of college radio and provides a preview for CBI’s upcoming conference in Atlanta (Oct 25-27).

Did the Wu-Tang Clan Try to Buy WCWM’s Vinyl Collection?

An article about College of William and Mary’s radio station WCWM shares some interesting tidbits about the station. According to campus lore, “What the Admissions Office brochures don’t say is that WCWM, the College radio station, has a vinyl collection so impressive that the Wutang Clan tried to buy it.”

KALX Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Special Events and Programs

KALX 90.7 FM at University of California, Berkeley is in the midst of celebrating its 50th anniversary and in honor of that they have been hosting concerts and have been airing special programming. An Oakland Tribune story covers the station’s plans for its anniversary and more details can be found on the KALX website.

WKVR Returns to Air at Juniata College

The Juniata College website reports that college radio station WKVR 92.3 FM in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania will resume broadcasts this year.

WBNY Memories

On the occasion of his induction into the Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Tom Calderone shares why Buffalo State’s college radio station WBNY is a vital institution. In his interview for Buffalo Rising, Calderone states, “The spirit of WBNY (it just turned 30 years old) had a creative evolve or die spirit that kept us reinventing the radio station every few months.”

Radio K Celebrates 100 Year Radio History at University of Minnesota

An article in the Star Tribune recounts the 100 year history of radio at University of Minnesota’s station KUOM (Radio K). According to the piece, “At the ripe age of 100, the University of Minnesota broadcaster is the nation’s oldest licensed non-commercial station, and one of only a few major campus stations that are completely student-run.”

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  1. Carol November 19, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    I found your blog through HSA! 🙂 I raelly enjoy reading it. I went to Passion 2010. It was SO awesome and God taught me so much. I hope I have the chance to go back again soon. My favorite speakers were John Piper and Francis Chan.

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