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College Radio Day Goes International on October 2

College Radio Day 2012

College Radio Day 2012

The second annual College Radio Day will take place next Tuesday, October 2. Following the success of last year’s event (which attracted more than 365 participating stations), this year’s celebration of college radio will expand to stations all over the globe. So far, 415 radio stations in the United States and 135 radio stations outside of the United States (23 countries, including El Salvador, Israel, Hong Kong, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, Venezuela, France, and Ghana) have signed up to participate. Each station will honor the day in their own way. Additionally, the organizers of College Radio Day will be releasing an album featuring live tracks performed for college radio stations, as well as additional tracks donated by musicians. Proceeds from the sales of this release will be directed to a new College Radio Defense Fund. According to College Radio Day, this fund, “will help stations survive in a difficult economic time when some stations are being sold off or shut down but will primarily help promote stations by helping to fund events and helping buy new on-air equipment.”

Yesterday, I caught up with College Radio Day founder Rob Quicke over email and learned a bit more about the plans for this year. He was excited about some of the international buzz and told me that the “personal spokesperson for the Italian President” sent out a letter “expressing his congratulations and support on behalf of the President of Italy to all Italian college radio stations involved with College Radio Day.”

Quicke said that since this year’s College Radio Day is international, there will be a “24-Hour Global Marathon – which will start on Monday night and go around the world.” There will be a special channel on TuneIn for College Radio Day and Quicke is also finishing production on a new College Radio Day radio documentary called, “Different Languages, One Voice: College Radio Around the World.” Stations will have the option of airing this documentary during College Radio Day.

Does your local college radio station have anything special planned for College Radio Day this year?


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