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College Radio DJ’s 24-Hour Physical Music Marathon on KUOI

Celebrating KUOI's Physical Music Library (Image by Loren Morris)

Celebrating KUOI’s Physical Music Library (Image by Loren Morris)

Right now college radio DJ Anthony Saia is in the midst of a 24-hour special on University of Idaho’s radio station KUOI. He started this marathon DJ stint at 11:00 this morning and will continue through to 11:00am tomorrow. He is only playing CDs and vinyl from the massive KUOI record library (which contains over 67,000 items for a total of more than 900,000 tracks) and is purposefully avoiding digital files for this special. He will also be presenting a live in-studio performance by the band Psychedelic Sex Organ at 8:30pm Pacific time.

Additionally, Saia is doing a number of mini-specials within his marathon. Segments include: The Moscow (Idaho) Scene Past & Present, The Seattle Sound (From Hendrix to Now), Stoned Out (Doom, Stoner Rock & Metal),

Film Scores Galore, Morning Tea (Brit-Pop), From East Side To West Side (All things hip hop & rap), Skate Or Die (Crust-Punk, Thrash Punk & Rockabilly), and

We Deal In Banjos & Bullets (Old School country).

I caught up with Saia mid-special today to find out more about the inspiration behind this marathon.

Radio Survivor: Are you the only DJ doing the 24 hour show today?

Anthony Saia: Yes, I am the only DJ in Master Control / picking music for a 24 hour period.

Radio Survivor: What prompted this marathon?

Saia: I graduated from UI in May, got married in June and will be joining my wife in Texas in August, therefore, the idea is that this is my last show ever on KUOI.

Radio Survivor: Why is KUOI’s physical music library so important?

Saia: KUOI’s physical library is important not just because of the history involved, but it’s an archive on music that is available to the public. This is a place where people can come and learn about music while holding the classic physical media in their hands. A lot of work has gone into organizing and getting music to KUOI and without it, KUOI wouldn’t be as beneficial as I feel it is for students.

Radio Survivor: How will you stay awake?

Well, this is technically my eighth day of work in a row. To stay awake, I’m just going to play the music that I love – not to mention ingestion of copious amounts of caffeine.

Radio Survivor: How’s it going so far?

Saia: So far, it’s been great! I’ve had numerous requests and just finished up my first segment. After tracking IP addresses I had over 80 people streaming
online alone.



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