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mtvU Solicits College Radio Stations to Host Weekly Video Countdown

mtvU Dean's List Seeks College Radio Station Hosts

mtvU Dean's List Seeks College Radio Station Hosts

When MTV was born, a whole new category of DJ was launched. Although most of us DJs are accustomed to being invisible to listeners, VJs became stars as they chatted about music and music videos on-screen. As part of a new feature on MTV’s college-themed media property mtvU, college radio stations will have a chance to host an episode of the music video countdown show, the Dean’s List. In a video intro, college radio DJs will announce the top 10 videos on campus.

In order to get this on-air gig, college radio stations will need to submit a list of their favorite 10 videos (all must be among the 20,000 videos available on along with a paragraph about why these videos were selected. Winners will then send a video to MTV which will air as an introduction to a weekly countdown on mtvU and


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