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NPR on Low Power FM: license translators first

NPR has weighed in again on how to implement the Local Community Radio Act of 2010, which gives the green light to more Low Power FM signals across the country. The ex parte filing takes on the question of whether the Federal Communications Commission should tackle the backlog of applications for translators (which extend the reach of NPR and other stations), or start licensing LPFMs right away.

Deal with licensing translators first, NPR attorneys told the FCC on Monday:

NPR urged the Commission to first address the backlog of pending translator applications from the 2003 filing window to identify those that are still viable and propose a bona fide service. By doing so, the Commission could significantly reduce the overall number of pending applications, and accommodate engineering solutions and settlements to facilitate such service to a greater degree and without obstructing new LPFM service.


NPR also addressed potential waivers of 2nd adjacent channel protections for LPFMs as provided for in the LCRA. NPR stated its concerns regarding potential interference with local public radio stations’ signals should 2nd adjacent waivers be granted. NPR stated that the granting of such waivers should occur under very limited circumstances and only after a very rigorous process as required under the LCRA.

NPR’s position puts the organization at odds with groups like the Prometheus Project and Media Access Project, which want the FCC to start licensing LPFMs front and center.

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2 Responses to NPR on Low Power FM: license translators first

  1. America Elvis February 28, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    Dick Move.

    From College Radio to Community Radio, NPR is trying to silence any competition on the FM dial. DO NOT let your donations further National Propaganda Radio’s ruthless mission to homogenize the FM dial.

    More than that, It’s time to call your Representatives, DEFUND NPR!!!

  2. Paul Thurst February 28, 2012 at 1:08 pm #

    Like there aren’t enough NPRrepeaters translators out there. Anything to keep the competition at bay…

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