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KDVS Covers Occupy UC Davis Events

Protesters at UC Davis Awaiting Chancellor on Nov. 19 (Photo: J. Waits)

Protesters at UC Davis Awaiting Chancellor on Nov. 19 (Photo: J. Waits)

As the Occupy movement picks up at university campuses across the United States, many college radio stations have been working overtime to report on these historic protests.

Following last week’s pepper-spraying of students by campus police at Occupy University of California, Davis, the college radio station, KDVS, is presenting live coverage of the protests and today’s speech from UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi.

As I tuned in a few moments ago, I heard not only live coverage from rallies taking place on campus, but also a pre-recorded segment featuring the Chancellor’s comments to the assembled crowd, various speeches, a caller relaying his first person account of the pepper-spray incident which happened on Friday, and others calling to report from the rally in the quad as it was taking place. Chancellor Katehi said, “I’m here to apologize” and pointed out that, “our university has to be better than it is.”

In addition to its live coverage and news programming, KDVS has also been posting regular updates on its website and is providing archives of its Occupy Davis-related programs.


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2 Responses to KDVS Covers Occupy UC Davis Events

  1. Brandt Hardin November 21, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    When will we start holding officers accountable for their brutality and excessive use of force? Evicting protesters is Unconstitutional and endangers the basic rights of EVERY last American. Is this the country we were raised in, were men and women are beaten, gassed, pepper-sprayed and arrested for their disapproval of the government? We have to be careful to protect our Constitutional Rights! Raise awareness and do your part with these free posters I designed for the movement on my artist’s blog at

  2. Nicole Kramer December 8, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    My friend Austin and I are trying to get our idea off the ground, please take a moment to read our project release. Thank you.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Austin Moss, a Raleigh native and audio producer. I’m writing to inform you about a project I have started called Occupy the World. Occupy Wall Street began nearly four months ago, and since that time it has spread to over 2200 cities worldwide and is growing daily. It has even spread to my hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, and in my involvement in Occupy Raleigh I have seen the need for a project to document the Occupy movement as it spreads, evolves, and matures. Every person involved in the Occupy movement has a unique story, some of which have challenged my thinking and expanded the way I view people as a whole, and I feel that these stories need to be captured and shared with the world. In addition to the personal stories each movement in each city has seen obstacles, secured victories, and has brought about change in their community. This movement is one that has spread so quickly and captured the hearts and minds of so many, the need for a project to document the movement as a whole grows daily. This is the aim of Occupy the World. By visiting as many Occupy movements as possible and sharing their stories with the world I hope to shed light on the constituents of the movement, the real issues that the Occupiers face, and the ever-evolving nature of non-violent protest in the modern era. To make this possible, I am working with Kickstarter to fund the project through their website. The link is here: With the money I hope to raise through Kickstarter I will record, produce and release 25 episodes, at which time I hope the project will become self-sustaining through donations from listeners. I am a 20-year-old musician, writer, and audio producer who has had experience in live radio production and in-studio work in the areas spoken word, music, and podcasting. With my experience and passion I hope to make this project successful. Should this project fail to take on after 25 episodes, I hope to have laid a groundwork which others can build upon so that as long as the Occupy movement exists there are people trying to document the totality of it. Please consider spreading the word about this project.

    All the Best,

    Austin Moss

    Creator, Host, Executive Producer

    Occupy the World

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