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Broadband talk radio up and talking

Gigabit NationOne of my favorite talkers about Internet related matters now has his own talk radio show. Community broadband advocate Craig Settles is calling it Gigabit Nation, and you can expect it to talk up the virtues of various kinds of municipal and public broadband networks on a regular basis. The online program is sponsored by fiber-to-the premises powered Hiawatha Broadband Communications—an ISP operating out of Winona, Minnesota.

Craig did his first show on Wednesday with James Ingraham, VP of Strategic Planning for EPB. That’s Chattanooga, Tennessee’s amazing municipal Internet provider, offering download speeds up of to 1,000Mbps (as opposed to AT&T DSL around my neck of the words running at 1.5Mbps . . . ). Lots of interesting shows for public broadband lovers coming up, and of course you can follow the program on Facebook.

Men’s clubs?

Another interesting podcast from film critic Elvis Mitchell coming out of KCRW in Santa Monica. This one is an interview with James Miller, author of ESPN: Those guys have all the fun (written with Tom Shales). Miller’s previous books include profiles of the United States Senate and Saturday Night Live.

Mitchell calls the subjects of Miller’s works, “men’s clubs in transition.”

“I hadn’t thought about that,” Miller replies. “There were two female Senators when I was working in the Senate, and the time period that the book covers. And I definitely think that at time the Senate still very much was a men’s club. John Belushi on Saturday Night Live used to say he wouldn’t do sketches that were written by women . . . ”

Hmmm . . . I didn’t know that about Belushi.


I got a tweet response from @michichan about my post on ways I get ad free streams over the ‘Net:

@ RadioSurvivor @ Live365 streams that are Live or relay mode are also ad-free in the stream.. My station, @ J1FM does not have stream ads.”

True that. J1 Radio, “Pure JPop,” plays no ads in the stream. The channel page is filled with ads, of course, but who are we here at Radiosurvivor to criticize page ads.

I do wish that Live365 made it easier to search for specific channels. I had to find this one via Google.

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  1. Ken Hays July 29, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    In Settles portion of above, EPB offers speeds up to 1gbps not the 150 mbps.

    Fixed. Thanks. –Editor

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