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What’s the problem at KPFA? by Carol Spooner

Join-the-dark-side-puppies-23749795859At the request of KPFA programmer Peter Phillips, I am posting this public statement by Carol Spooner, former Pacifica National Board member. It offers Spooner’s assessment of why layoffs were necessary at KPFA. I am not sure whether Spooner will approve of this posting. In a separate statement, she has accused me of “Glenbeckian” distortions and insists that I have sunk “down the toilet” and “down the intellectual sewer.” Her colleague Steve Brown of WBAI recently accused me of crossing over to “The Dark Side.”

Given my apparent Darth Vaderian status within the Pacifica organization, I am surprised that any of these individuals want to be associated with me and this site. Spooner’s side-rant all but blames me for KPFA’s current very unsuccessful fund drive, which as of several days ago was short by about $150,000. But in the interest of publishing the perspectives of various sides, here is Carol’s. If SaveKPFA and/or KPFAWorker wants to respond to her narrative, I’d be happy to publish that as well.

For the past 6 months the people behind “KPFAWorker/SaveKPFA” have run a relentless, dishonest and destructive PR campaign – both on and off the air – against KPFA and Pacifica over the layoff last November of two KPFA staff members – Brian Edwards-Tiekert and Aimee Allison, the former co-hosts of KPFA’s Morning Show.

Once proud KPFA has become the subject of ridicule in community radio circles across the country for all its dirty laundry, aired by the so-called “professionals” who have shot their reputations to hell and aren’t employable anywhere else at this point.

KPFA was functionally bankrupt as of 9/30/10 – they had almost $200k more in outstanding debts than they had cash and pledges receivable to pay them with. They had lost $1.5 million over the previous 4 years. They had borrowed money from Pacifica’s smallest station, KPFT in Houston, to meet the September 15th payroll.

Painful choices had to be made. Under these circumstances Pacifica Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt offered all KPFA staff a voluntary termination package. Six staff members initially took it. Most KPFA staff work part time, so that reduced the “full-time-equivalent” staff by 4.1 – for an annual savings in salaries and health benefits of about $245k. (The base union wage is $20.20/hr, and it goes up $20/month for every year of seniority. All staff working half time or more receive full health benefits.)

That wasn’t enough to balance the budget. They needed to cut the salaries and related expenses line by about $500k – or about 4.25 more “full-time-equivalents.”

I honestly don’t know what I would have done in Pacifica Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt’s place, and reasonable people can differ about that. I don’t think she cut enough, but I wasn’t the one taking the heat and the responsibility for it.

After the voluntary terminations of six of the “behind the scenes” technical, production, operations, administrative, and management employees who keep the place running – there really wasn’t anywhere to go for more cuts except programming.

So, the choices were The Morning Show (Brian & Aimee, plus producers Laura Prives & Esther Manilla), Letters and Politics (Mitch Jesserich), Against the Grain (CS Soong & Sasha Lilly), Living Room (Kris Welch), Hard Knock Radio (Davey D. & Anita Johnson), Flashpoints (Dennis Bernstein & Miguel Molina, plus technical producer Eric Klein), Saturday Morning Talkies (Kris Welch), The Sunday Show (Phillip Maldari), the News Department (Aileen Alfandary, Mark Mericle, Christopher Martinez, Rose Ketabchi, & John Hamilton), and the Music Department director (Luis Medina)

In order of seniority –

Kris Welch – Living Room & Saturday Talkies Host/Producer

Aileen Alfandary – News Dept Co-Director

Mark Mericle – News Dept Co-Director

Phillip Maldari (Union Steward) – Sunday Show Host/Producer

Dennis Bernstein – Flashpoints Host/Producer

CS Soong – Against the Grain Host/Producer

Luis Medina – Music Department Director

Davey D. – Hard Knock Radio Host/Producer

Anita Johnson – Hard Knock Radio Host/Producer

Christopher Martinez – News Dept Reporter

Sasha Lilley – Against the Grain Host/Producer

Esther Manilla (Union Steward) – Morning Show Producer

Miguel Molina – Flashpoints Host/Producer

Brian Edwards-Tiekert – Morning Show Host

Laura Prives – Morning Show Producer

Eric Klein – Flashpoints Technical Producer

Mitch Jesserich* – Letters & Politics Host/Producer

Rose Ketabchi – News Department Tech

Aimee Allison – Morning Show Host

John Hamilton – News Department Reporter

*Mitch is probably higher in seniority due to his time as KPFA News Sacramento reporter prior to Christopher Martinez, which isn’t taken into account in this seniority list.

Eight of them worked half time, 5 worked full time, one worked less than half time, and 5 worked between half and full time.

The union contract does not require that layoffs be done by strict seniority. The employer can skip over critical or unique positions or skills. But seniority does give a laid off employee the right to “bump” a less senior staffer out of their job in the same department if, in the judgment of management, they have the skills to do the job. Union Stewards can assert seniority “bumping” rights over any other position in their department.

With the voluntary severances – the News Department had already lost Max Pringle, Hard Knock Radio had already lost Weyland Southon. Flashpoints had lost Nora Barrows-Friedman when her hours were cut earlier in the year. Flashpoints, Letters & Politics and Hard Knock Radio are national programs aired on Pacifica affiliate stations across the country. C.S. Soong and Sasha Lilly had already had their hours cut earlier in the year.

Any more hours cuts or layoffs in any of those programs were not possible without cancelling the program. So, at least one program had to be cancelled.

What would you have done?

Engelhardt chose to cancel the Morning Show. She involuntarily laid off hosts Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Aimee Allison and producer Laura Prives. Producer Esther Manilla then chose to take the voluntary severance package so that Laura could stay on. That resulted in 1.55 fte staff laid off involuntarily.

I would have laid off more. Whatever you would have done, the “KPFAWorker/SaveKPFA” crowd has not been telling the straight story to help anyone to make an intelligent assessment of what Engelhardt decided to do. Instead, they’ve been putting out twisted distortions, half truths, false innuendo, outright lies, and slander.

A lot of people will have to pay for that deception – not just staff who will lose their jobs in more layoffs, but all of us who rely on KPFA and Pacifica and could very well lose it.

KPFA is much more than one program, or two program hosts, whether or not you liked the Morning Show or loved Brian and Aimee.

The Morning Show format was decades old. Much of KPFA’s programming had become old and tired before the layoffs last Fall. Listenership had dropped by over 25% in the past few years – that’s why the layoffs were necessary. Most of my old friends said they never listen anymore, and young people weren’t tuning in either.

With KPFA in precarious financial condition -teetering on the edge of bankruptcy – fomenting a listener revolt was reckless, to say the least, if not sinister.

With an extra added 5-day fund drive in December, the station came through the first half of this fiscal year with $68k more in income than expenses – not enough to pay its $190k in past due debts from last year, but at least not more in debt. But with this latest May fund drive the obviously predictable has happened. Many listeners were so turned off by all the dirty laundry and nastiness or so angry about the layoffs, or both, that they chose not to donate. Instead, they are calling into the KALW fund drive and saying they “used to” donate to KPFA.

After this fund drive is over there will not be enough cash to get through July.

Are the people behind “KPFAWorker/SaveKPFA” surprised by this? If so, they are profoundly stupid.

Was it too much to ask that the paid staff might have worked together with the unpaid staff to make the best of the layoff situation and helped to pull the station through its financial crisis?

Maybe even might have worked together to support and develop new morning programming? Might have stepped up to the plate and pitched in to help ease and explain the necessary transition in morning programming to the listeners?

Where were the long-time programmers? How come they didn’t get on in the morning to help out the volunteers who were doing their utmost? Instead, the union notified Arlene Engelhardt that no union member would appear or help with the morning drive time programming. It’s a mystery at what union meeting this resolution was adopted, and the union later disavowed it. But Davey D. was the only union staff member with the guts to help the Morning Mix out occasionally on the air, despite union opposition.

Where were Kris Welch and Phillip Maldari? They used to do the Morning Show together. You’d think they might have stepped up to help out. Or Dennis? Or Mitch? Or C.S.? Or Sasha? At least Dennis wasn’t trashing the Morning Mix volunteers and I’ve heard he was supportive behind the scenes.

But how many times did you hear Aileen Alfandary and the News Department, or Mitch, or CS, or Sasha, or Kris or Phillip or Mark complaining about the layoffs and undermining the Morning Mix volunteers who were working for free to save the station and with it their paid colleagues’ jobs?

But really, the whole “KPFAWorker/SaveKPFA” strategy has been transparent all along – rile up some listeners with manipulative and inflammatory rhetoric and discourage them from donating to the fund drive, and then pressure the station manager to put Brian on the air in the morning to “save” the fund drive, while urging his supporters to call-in and pledge their previously withheld money – thus “demonstrating” that KPFA cannot survive without “miracle worker” Brian Edwards-Tiekert.

But, unfortunately, all Brian’s “vast support” isn’t enough to save this sabotaged fund drive. Too many listeners are apparently just too disgusted by now to care.

That risk was obvious to any reasonably intelligent person all along.

In fact, the people behind “KPFAWorker/SaveKPFA” have been playing Russian roulette with ALL the chambers loaded.

They’ve shot themselves in the head, as well as the entire staff, and all of us who care about KPFA. It remains to be seen how many have been mortally wounded – because of their sabotage of the fund drive there will have to be more layoffs, and whether KPFA and the Pacifica network can survive is in doubt.

But despite all its flaws, KPFA could again become a true beacon – a reality fix, a place to confirm that you are not crazy for not believing in the racist war machine and the economics of empire and consumption and oppression – for what is true and beautiful and important in life in a darkening world. It could if it is willing to let go of the past and change radically.

Please feel free to respond to Carol’s commentary, but please also know that posts that contain insults, ad hominem attacks, or more than one hyperlink will either be held for moderation or deleted.

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16 Responses to What’s the problem at KPFA? by Carol Spooner

  1. Sharon Wood May 22, 2011 at 10:46 pm #

    I just want to know one thing: what kind of puppies?

  2. Anon KPFA Worker (low senority) May 23, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    Sounds reasonable, except the KPFA Morning Show was hands down the most listened to local program on KPFA, and it successfully raised 3 times as much money as it cost the station in salaries + benefits.

    There was no logic in targeting the Morning Show to balance the station’s budget. It was about a personal vendetta, and it was a disaster.

  3. Disgusted with Spooner May 23, 2011 at 4:49 pm #

    Violent imagery and a destructive message from Spooner, who has lost all credibility in the world of KPFA/Pacifica.

    It is so sad that her allies, under the incompetent regime of Arlene Engelhardt, have carried out these kind of personal-grudges-as-programming-purges at several of Pacifica’s stations.

    KPFA’s listeners are sending statements of solidarity to the staff, along with financial pledges at

    Listeners and staff have lovingly built KPFA for 62 years, and we’ll not abandon it to Spooner’s current crew of wreckers.

  4. Sherry Gendelman May 23, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    Pacifica’s agenda is clear. Talented people at KPFA, and throughout the Pacifica Network, are being squeezed out, dumped in the trash, and silenced. These people are replaced with people without talent, without experience, and without progressive politics. Anyone who objects to the firings, which have effected women and people of color more than others in the Network, is labeled undemocratic, going over to the dark side, and much worse. The goal of those in control has always been to rid the network of anyone worthy of a salary so that “they” can replace them. Anthony Fest, Adrienne Lauby, and others on the so called “morning mix” sat on the local station boards, watched and waited for their turn. Once on the air, their voices turned off the listeners. However, the current management accuses those who opposed the changes as being the cause of the ever shrinking audience. Our audience have hearts and minds and politics. The management choose to fire the audience and the audience responded with their fingers by turning off the station, and looking elsewhere.

  5. chris stehlik May 23, 2011 at 8:57 pm #

    Carol Spooner’s post has unsupported accusations, needless vitirol and at the end contradicts itself. It’s a sad response to a pledge drive in which the ‘chickens’ of Pacifica National’s actions have ‘come home to roost’.

    I am at home and so unable to look up exact figures but I can say the following(quite a bit actually).

    Several times, Carol accuses Save KPFA of lying or being dishonest, but she never states any specific lies or debunks them. Not one.

    She says that KPFA was ‘functionally bankrupt’, which is a made up term that can mead whatever anyone wants it to mean. Is a person with a $150,000/yr salary, and $200,000 in the bank but a $500,000 mortgage and a $40,000 car loan functionally bankrupt? Their debts outweigh their assets…

    On financial matters, she is selective with her facts, she mentions KPFA borrowing from KPFT for a payroll, but not that A) it was repaid with 4 weeks,

    B) Shortly after that, KPFA was directed by Pacifica National to loan WPFW money to cover their payroll. A loan that now in May 2011, 8 months later still has not been repaid. So we were ‘functionally bankrupt’ and yet able to cover others payroll. C) We needed to borrow because Pacifica had used a $150,000 CD of KPFA’s as collateral for a line of credit without telling us, so we couldn’t use that money. This never comes out when Carol Spooner, or Lavarn, or Tracey Rosenberg brings up the point. It doesn’t fit the narrative of financial irresponsibility at KPFA. They neatly avoid the issue of financial irresponsibility at Pacifica National.

    Carol says “Painful choices had to be made” and lists the paid staff and asks “what would you have done?” and states “at least one program had to be cancelled”. That is where she is wrong. She was not at those budget meetings. I was. I was at the meetings and side meetings. Several people, including me, came up with a budget that would have avoided any involuntary layoffs. It’s right here.

    It was rejected out of hand by the National Board and Arlene refused to support it. They considered job cuts to be the ONLY valid way of saving money.

    Carol is right in one thing, The union contract does say that layoffs need not be strictly by seniority. This means that Arlene actively and explicitly choose to cancel the Morning Show, without consulting the KPFA interim GM and Pacifica HR director Ahmad Anderson. She choose to cancel the top fundraising show. The show that made 3x what it cost to produce (those ‘big’ union salaries included), when most shows barely covered their own costs.They replaced it with a quickly put together rotating groups of hosts, without doing any forward publicity.

    And having done that, Were they shocked to see listeners complain, cancel their pledges leave in droves (and I had to listen to many of those complaints and process all those cancellations). I will answer in the way that Carol Spooner does and quote her statement to the very same drop in fundraising “If so, They were profoundly stupid”.

    Lastly Carol does the mind boggingly rhetorical backflip of chiding the paid staff for not having done more to raise funds.

    Earlier in the post, she says “I would have laid off more” (people than Arlene had ), and now she chides those same people, some of which she would have laid off for not doing more. Mitch has raised more since the layoffs than he has ever raised. Brian, who had several weeks severance and vacation pay to cover himself for a job search, fought for his job back and has stated publicly that people should NOT withhold pledges but should pledge because the station is an important resource and has been pitching when ever given the opportunity. His only pitch in the 8am slot of the current drive brought in about $7,000 that hour, more than twice the average. Save KPFA has been pushing people to donate (no such push has come from the other faction). Yet these are the people that Carol suggests she might have laid off. These are the people labeled as disruptive and possibly refereed to as ‘fifth columnist’ with ‘divisive’ agendas.

    She claims lies but offers no examples, selectively chooses financial data that serves her point and excludes context that doesn’t, says she would have laid off more people and then accuses those people of sabotaging their own livelihoods.

    “But despite all its flaws, KPFA could again become a true beacon – a reality fix, a place to confirm that you are not crazy for not believing in the racist war machine and the economics of empire and consumption and oppression ”

    I agree, but not if it’s going to fire and/or disrespect the people who have been doing just that all along.

  6. Santa Cruz listener May 23, 2011 at 11:10 pm #

    “A relentless, dishonest and destructive PR campaign – both on and off the air…”

    Spooner must be referring to herself, Tracy Rosenberg, Dennis Bernstein, Adrienne Lauby and Peter Phillips. And their manager pals, Arlene Engelhardt and Andrew Phillips.

    If you doubt this, listen to Bernstein last Friday scream on-air with no facts to back up any of his wild claims about those trying to save the station. It’s at KPFA’s archive under “Flashpoints.”

    Or Lauby’s tearful 15-minute ‘goodbye’ speech on the last Morning Mix-up she was on.

    Or Rosenberg’s sorry performance on the Local Station Board show, where she pounced on fellow board members as well as listeners who called in.

    Or Phillips’ mean-spirited attack on KPFA’s staff and listeners at last weekend’s board meeting, where he blamed them for his own managerial incompetence (now posted at

    When Engelhardt took to the airwaves last pledge drive, droves of listeners called in to complain. The anti-fundraising weapon, you might call her.

    These performances, along with stupid programming decisions, are what is causing listeners to turn off the station.

  7. Chuck Karish May 25, 2011 at 8:11 am #

    I don’t need a reality fix of “911 truth” and homeopathic “healing”. The current station management doesn’t have enough respect for the listeners to make quality content a high priority.

    The idea that Community Radio should be made up of cries from the wilderness by members of less-privileged classes without regard to merit as journalism or as compelling radio is an insult to all listeners.

  8. KPFA Worker May 25, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    There is some major misinformation in Carol’s piece — I don’t know if all of it comes from her or if she’s just re-transmitting misinformation from Pacifica National.

    Here’s the biggest: “KPFA was functionally bankrupt as of 9/30/10 ”

    According to the Pacifica Foundation’s independent auditor’s report, on 9/30/10, KPFA’s total assets exceeded its total liabilities by $4.3 MILLION DOLLARS — making KPFA the wealthiest station owned by Pacifica.

    Borrowing money for two weeks to pay bills represents a temporary liquidity problem, not insolvency. Carol knows the difference, and she has a copy of the auditor’s report — there no excuse for her throwing the word “bankrupt” around. For someone who says she’s concerned alarmism might might hurt the station’s fundraising prospects, this is rank hypocrisy.

    Here’s a doozy:

    “[Engelhardt] involuntarily laid off hosts Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Aimee Allison and producer Laura Prives. Producer Esther Manilla then chose to take the voluntary severance package so that Laura could stay on.”

    1) Esther Manilla put in for a voluntary layoff *before* the Morning Show got axed, not after. (Engelhardt apparently did not know Manilla was one of the people who’d agreed to leave the station when Engelhardt issued layoff notices–which means she didn’t bother to review who had taken voluntary layoffs, what their positions were, and whether she’d need to cover their duties. Axing the Morning Show was the act of someone who had an agenda — not someone carefully weighing her situation.)

    2) When Esther Manilla found out her Morning Show colleagues had been laid off, and confronted Engelhardt with the information that Esther herself had already taken a severance package, Esther told Engelhardt that *Brian Edwards-Tiekert* had more seniority than Laura Prives, and he should be re-instated first, per the seniority provisions of the union contract. Engelhardt rejected that. Esther’s account of this interaction is quite public, and posted here:

    3) The fact that Engelhardt reinstated Laura Prives, without laying off anyone else to zero the cost of the reinstatement, shows that she wasn’t working toward a fixed financial target, she was just making things up as she went along and pursuing a political vendetta against The Morning Show.

    Finally, I don’t think Carol actually knows she’s got this one wrong, but it’s illuminating:

    “That resulted in 1.55 fte staff laid off involuntarily.”

    Aimee Allison and Brian Edwards-Tiekert had both already had their pay cut to 27 hours per week earlier in the year. That adds up to 1.35 FTE., not 1.55 FTE. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s telling. Carol presumably has this number wrong because Engelhardt had the number wrong. Which means she didn’t bother to get good numbers for how much money the layoffs would “save” before she dropped the axe.

  9. Ann Garrison May 26, 2011 at 2:43 pm #

    @Sherry Gendelman: I don’t believe that Adrienne Lauby has ever served on the KPFA Local Station Board.

  10. adol May 26, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    Why trying to sabotage the only rational voice

    that we can hear, through all the noises that

    “KPFA Workers”made in the net. It took me

    hours to find Carol’s article. If this is not censorship

    what is it ?

  11. Tracy Rosenberg May 26, 2011 at 8:15 pm #

    Well, let’s see. So much noise. A few things listeners should probably know:


    KPFA’s spring fund drive results in 2011 – $743,000

    KPFA’s spring fund drive results in 2010 – $660,000


    Amount of listener support/donations reduced between 2007 and 2009 – 30%

    Amount of expense reduction between 2007 and 2009 – 10%


    Operating deficit for KPFA unit in 2009 $575,00

    Operating deficit for KPFA unit in 2010 $585,000


    Approximate cash reserves in 2008 – $900,000

    Approximate cash reserves in 2009 – $400,000

    Approximate cash reserves in 2010 – $0


    Current KPFA assets composed of occupancy building in Berkeley – 92%

    Current KPFA assets composed of restricted, non-liquid funds – 8%

    Liquid funds in reserve and available for use – 0%


  12. Adrienne Lauby May 26, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

    Many of these arguments have been discussed over and over. This one, for instance, Q. People have done good work; they have raised money. Why were they laid off? A. There was no money. The union rules are fairly strict.

    Clearly, there was not great cooperation before the layoffs or other, more creative, ideas might have gained success. Those on one side blame Pacifica National. Those on the other blame some of the long-time union staff. Whoever was to blame, that time is past. The individuals & the Foundation have had their union processes with expensive lawyers to argue their points. Even the Morning Show replacement, The Morning Mix, has been cancelled.

    There are so many points made and defended in these posts, it would take all night

    to unravel them. Here’s some of my thinking.

    For a long time, we, at KPFA, have needed good managers who would enforce fair policies for both paid and unpaid staff, have open hiring for new positions, work with a program council and generally bring some fresh air to the programming. I’m inclined to believe that the two we have now want to do that and are capable of it. Others are afraid and have attacked them, especially Andrew, before he’s had time to do much of anything. In addition, those who have disagreed with Arlene Englehardt’s decisions have taken the station and foundation into many legal suits.

    I think both these things are bad for KPFA, both financially and in public good will. People have the right but, given the precarious state of Pacifica and KPFA, it seems…. well “careless” is a kind word.

    In the 3 plus months I was lucky enough to host a morning program a couple of times a week, I discovered a deep and rich pool of skilled radio people willing to help KPFA. I had thought it was there — but it still amazed me, almost every week. Whatever is next, I have no doubt that the paid and unpaid staff can rise to the occasion to make fabulous programming. It would be easier if we could come out of attack mode and start working on it together. But, whether or not that happens, the programming will get done. I am confident of that. I’m also confident in KPFA’s listeners who continue to support us despite the public airing of our flaws.

    Adrienne Lauby

    unpaid staff, KPFA

    P.S. I have never had the privilege of serving on the Local Station Board at KPFA, the KPFA Program Council or the UPSO Council.

  13. Tracy Rosenberg May 27, 2011 at 11:25 pm #

    Just as a coda. I went to the fund drive celebration event this evening. Really pleasant. Well-attended with more than a hundred people there. I came down the street to KPFA as I have so many times to find the front door thrown open to the sidewalk. It was lovely.

    KPFA felt like a community institution, with none of the barricaded fort kind of thing. It was a nice open house.

  14. Matt June 9, 2011 at 2:38 pm #

    I think that firing three union workers and then replacing their show with free content is simply union-busting BS that one expects to hear about from Bank of America or General Motors. I for one will withhold funds from KPFA until the Morning Show as was is re-instated. There are many many many progressive causes that need money and I will do my work with them until sanity comes back to KPFA.

  15. Valeri May 7, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    I have to say, that volunteering at kpfa when Brian ET was there was very strange- it felt as if he was running the show and certainly helping to stop the conversation about many important issues-He was so full of himself- I found Aimee Allison to be much more balanced. I volunteered before Brian came to the station and there was a distinct change- I asked why we could not have a debate over 3 important – out of many important things to me, including: 9/11, smartmeters- (still only covered comprehensively by Layna and Jeff), and geo-engineering- weather modification- I was told ‘when hell freezes over’– where is the free speech in such a response? I often tuned out of the morning show as I felt that it had been so ‘trivialized’ and ‘dumbed down’, since losing Kris. Although uneven, I am enjoying the new morning show. I experienced first hand the mean and underhanded attacks against Tracy at an MPJC meeting in Marin- which was really like a public lynching. It was shocking and disgusting and I did the best I could to stop it. I knew very little about the issue at that time, and have spent a lot of time reading what our current station manager- who i think is fantastic- and others have to say. There is something going on that is hard to understand. We have a jewel KPFA is, why wreck it?

  16. Matthew Lasar May 8, 2012 at 8:08 pm #

    One can only hope that in some distant future time programming at KPFA will be decided not by the people who hover around the station and bicker over whether they like Brian or Tracy better, or argue about whether 9/11 was an inside job, but by managers who think about the concerns of the broader audience that pays no attention to KPFA’s internal life. I won’t hold my breath . . .

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