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WFMU-FM show will issue its own currency for next station marathon

Hey community radio stations, here’s a great idea for your next fundraiser. Issue your own currency and offer to exchange it to listeners for United States Federal Reserve notes (aka: dollars).

The Bieb

Thunk Tank's "Bieb"

That’s what Jersey City, New Jersey free form community station WFMU-FM’s popular Thunk Tank show plans to do.

“In our quest to boldly violate the false dichotomy between jokes and serious shit, Thunk Tank is issuing Thunk Tank Notes just in time for the WFMU Marathon!” the show’s hosts say on their blog. They’re calling their currency, “the Bieb.”

“Listeners will be able to exchange Federal Reserve notes for Thunk Tank notes 1:1,” Thunk Tank promises. “We intend to make the Bieb the second-most popular currency among WFMU Listeners, and we figure as long as we don’t issue coinage or claim to be legal tender, we probably won’t get indicted.”

That’s a slightly nervous reference to those Liberty Dollars, famously seized by the FBI as illegal money. About 50,000 Liberties bear a likeness to former Presidential candidate Representative Ron Paul (R-TX). Some containing silver, the Justice Department determined that their use was a crime.

Thunk Tank notes that other secondary denominations have survived, however, most notably BerkShares for the Berkshire region of Massachusetts (they’re sort of a way to encourage people to buy local first).

Thunk Tank is definitely in love with gently tweaking authority. In previous posts we’ve explored the show’s fascination with Vladimir Putin.

“We’re obsessed with him now,” TT host Bronwyn confided her colleague to Jay on a recent program. “I do think it’s healthier that you’re obsessed with Putin. Because when you used to be obsessed with Justin Bieber, that made me worry a lot. But this is better. He’s like a more masculine, manly . . . ”

Anyway, the WFMU marathon starts on February 28 and goes through March 13.

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