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Last Chance to Send Comments to FCC Regarding KTRU Sale

FCC Comment Period Ends this Week for KTRU Sale

Supporters of Rice University’s student-run radio station KTRU are rallying fans of independent, local college radio as they continue to fight the sale of their station to University of Houston. The next few days are critical, as they make their last appeal for folks to write letters to the FCC and sign their petition.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, the 30-day comment window with the FCC is now open, and Save KTRU is encouraging people to write letters to the FCC protesting the sale of the station.

Inherent in their argument is that it’s not in the public interest to sell an independently-run college radio station to a university that is planning to expand their public radio offerings with another station airing mostly syndicated programming.

It’s no secret that I’m disturbed by the trend of universities selling off their radio stations and I find it even more distressing when the buyers plan to air non-local syndicated programming.

Non-commercial educational radio licenses are increasingly owned by those with deeper pockets, primarily public radio groups and religious radio conglomerates. This landscape makes it even more challenging for local college radio stations to survive when there are willing suitors clamoring down administrators’ doors with offers of millions of dollars for an FM license.

I think it’s important for the FCC to hear that citizens are NOT in favor of consolidation on the left side of the radio dial, as we’ve certainly seen what a disaster that’s been on the commercial band. Here’s what you can do NOW:

Today is the final day to add your signature to Save KTRU’s letter to the FCC.

Today is also the last day that non-Houstonians can email letters to the FCC in the care of Friends of KTRU. Supporters outside of KTRU’s listening area should not send letters directly to the FCC.

Thursday, December 2nd is the last day that people within the Houston listening area can email letters directly to the FCC.

If you aren’t sure of the specifics to include in your letter, take a look at the sample letter on the Save KTRU website. Details on where to email letters and additional ways that you can help can be found at Save KTRU as well.

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One Response to Last Chance to Send Comments to FCC Regarding KTRU Sale

  1. Philip Goetz November 29, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    The independent voices of student radio are vital. The community around the station and the experience cannot be re-created online or in the classroom. One may think that radio is not a promising career. Finding your voice is priceless. It’s a way of traveling and not necessarily a career path. I was in student radio (KVRX Austin) with students from all walks of college life who proceeded on to careers in all fields. I CANNOT say that about student TV. Unilateral decisions do not create a creative economy. Silent Spring was the book of the 1960s and some think Rich Media Poor Democracy could be a similar indictment of the mental ecology of the 1990s. Smoking causes cancer? What we extinct today has unknown implications. Extinct isn’t a verb. More about me at

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