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College Radio News Round-up: Turkey Drop, Station Kudos, and FCC License Questions in Montana

College Radio Station Signage (Photo J. Waits)

Recent Radio Survivor contributor Gavin Dahl has been doing an awesome job keeping tabs on radio stories in the press and has been compiling a massive list of recent stories over at Common Frequency.

Hopefully some time soon Gavin will be doing a regular feature for Radio Survivor in which he recaps radio stories, as that’s something that I’ve always wanted to do on this blog. Occasionally on Spinning Indie I will provide a quick run-down of college radio stories “in the news,” as I did last month with a College Radio (Good) News Round-up post.

So, to whet your appetite (and to provide encouragement to the over-extended Gavin!), here’s a list of some of the college radio-related stories that I’ve run across in the past week or so:

KZSC Gets Nod for its Eclectic Mix and “Best Radio Station” Press

KZSC, the college radio station at UC Santa Cruz, gets a nice feature in The Santa Cruz Sentinel; outlining both the history of the station and some recent attention that it received from The Huffington Post.

Wayne State’s Radio Station Recreates “Turkey Drop” Made Famous by WKRP

KWSC at Wayne State College in Nebraska hosted its 15th annual “Turkey Drop,” in which students dropped a range of items including a frozen turkey, a dresser, and a pool table from the 3rd floor of a campus building. The event was broadcast live over KWSC as an homage to an episode of “WKRP in Cincinnati.

WGCC Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Genesee Community College’s radio station WGCC turned 25 and hosted a birthday bash in Batavia, NY.

KROL Radio’s Questionable FCC Status

Carroll College radio station KROL has been broadcasting without an FCC license as a LPFM station at 88.5FM in Helena, Montana. A public radio group is hoping to broadcast a full power station from the same frequency, so there has been some question about whether or not the student radio station can continue broadcasting.

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