Top Menu posts twin word pop band tags staff are a creative and unpredictable bunch. When the online radio service’s interns aren’t categorizing tunes by age and gender popularity, their database programmers deploy regular expression scripts to dive into the server’s postgreSQL database and dig up every band named with the same word twice.

As in “The The,” “Talk Talk,” “Duran Duran,” “Mary Mary” . . . get it?

These (below) are the most popular. Check out all of them here.

Duran Duran

Frou Frou

Gus Gus

Talk Talk

Xiu Xiu

The The

Man Man

Cash Cash

Danger Danger

Gudda Gudda

Mary Mary

José José

Mother Mother

Liquid Liquid

Voo Voo

Neon Neon

Action Action

Chin Up Chin Up

Takka Takka

Sub Sub

Rye Rye

Rouge Rouge

Nova Nova

Enzo Enzo

Guru Guru

Dee Dee

Le Le

My My

Voom Voom

Everything Everything


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