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Happy Anniversary to Radio Survivor

Radio in Front of Pirate Cat Radio in San Francisco. Photo: J. Waits

What a year in radio it’s been!

Back in June, 2009, Matthew, Paul and I agreed to focus our energies on Radio Survivor in order to champion all things radio.

Coming from the perspective of radio fans, academics, and DJs; we’ve devoted much energy to espousing the virtues and lamenting the pitfalls of radio in all of its forms.

There is still hope for radio, not only in expected places like college, community and other non-commercial stations, but also in some free-thinking commercial stations, on the all-but-ignored AM dial, over satellite, online, and through mobile devices.

We think it’s been great fun over the past year, but know that we can always do better. To help keep us on our toes (and to help keep us around), we invite you to:

1) Send us suggestions on stories that we should cover

2) Follow us on Twitter, “Like” Us on Facebook, and tell your friends about us

3) Consider doing your Amazon shopping through our links

4) Post your classified ads and radio events on Radio Survivor (It’s free!)

5) Donations are always welcome too

We appreciate all of the support, even if it’s just reading our site!

Just one dollar a month makes you a patron of Radio Survivor. Help us through our Patreon Campaign!


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One Response to Happy Anniversary to Radio Survivor

  1. Matthew Lasar June 8, 2010 at 7:14 pm #

    Awesome. Thank you Jennifer. Happy birthday to us!

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