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Vinyl Alive at WFMU

Former general manager Taylor Dearr in the WNUR music library (photo by Jennifer Waits)

It seems like I can barely go a fortnight without mentioning New Jersey’s greatest radio station. But here I am again posting about freeform music station, WFMU. This time it’s because the record collector magazine Goldmine has produced a short video all about the station’s amazing record library.

I’m a vinyl enthusiast myself, having never given up on the format since buying my first record some thirty years ago. Whenever I fill in a music shift on WNUR I make a point to spin some vinyl from the station’s library. Unfortunately, space constraints prevent ‘NUR from maintaining a library as expansive as WFMU’s. Nevertheless I’m quite happy to have an impressive array of great albums to choose from.

Fellow Radio Survivor Jennifer Waits always checks out the record collections at the college stations she tours on her own blog Spinning Indie in addition to writing about vinyl’s continued use in radio here at Radio Survivor. I find that the college student DJs at WNUR are very enthusiastic about playing LPs. It seems like any hour I walk into the station I’ll find at least one turntable spinning or ready to start. Hitting play on a CD or MP3 will never have the visceral experience like cueing up a record and hitting start on a Technics 1200.

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One Response to Vinyl Alive at WFMU

  1. Jennifer Waits May 20, 2010 at 11:23 am #

    Thanks Paul. You beat me to the punch on this one as I was going to post about this too. It’s an amazing video that Goldmine put together and it reminds me of why I’m so enthralled with using physical music to do a radio show. The video would be such a great companion piece to my PopMatters article about technology and college radio, as it really shows why some DJs and stations are devoted to vinyl.

    If you want to see more behind-the-scenes photos of WFMU, take a look at my Spinning Indie post about my 2008 tour there:

    Thanks for sharing the WFMU love again, Paul! They are a great station.

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