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Podcast 229 - PIRATE Act - Radio Transmitter

Podcast #229 – Reading the PIRATE Act

The PIRATE Act, recently passed by Congress, is intended to stem the tide of unlicensed radio broadcasting by providing the Federal Communications Commission with new tools. Chief amongst them are new maximum fines, and a shortcut to issuing them. But will this really work? Author and radio scholar John Anderson says that a lot of […]

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Podcast 126 - FAQ

Podcast #126 – We Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a broadcast radio license? How can I find all the LPFM or college radio stations? Will you visit and write about my favorite station? Every week the editors of Radio Survivor receive, and answer, queries like these from readers and listeners. While we enjoy corresponding with people, we thought we shouldn’t […]

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Norway FM shutdown

Is FM Radio Norway’s Network Neutrality? Majority Still Opposes Shutdown

Norway’s FM radio won’t go away that easily. Two years ago the world press reported, often breathlessly, on the Scandinavian country’s plans to end its national radio services on the FM dial, switching them over to digital broadcasting. Lost in most of the reportage was the fact 200 local FM stations would remain on the […]

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Podcast 114 - John Anderson - DIYmedia

Podcast #114 – A Common Sense Approach to Unlicensed Broadcasting

Journalism professor John Anderson has been tracking the FCC’s enforcement of unlicensed radio for 20 years, and has seen the agency have little success, despite the periodic uptick in policing the airwaves, such as we’re seeing now. He suggests there are common sense approaches to managing the FM broadcast spectrum that would address the underlying […]

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Podcast #34 – How the Telecom Act of ’96 Triggered Popular Resistance

This is our second episode examining the history and legacy of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 in recognition of the law’s 20th anniversary. This time around Prof. John Anderson from Brooklyn College explains how Reagan-era deregulation, culminating in the Telecom Act, triggered civil disobedience on the airwaves along with citizen action that continues to push […]

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Pirate Radio

FCC Enforcement Against Pirate Radio Lowest Since 2005

FCC actions against unlicensed broadcasters hit their lowest point since 2005 last year. That’s according to John Anderson at He’s been tracking enforcement actions against pirate radio since 1997. FCC Actions include station visits by Enforcement Bureau field agents, as well as more mundane things, like Notices of Unauthorized Operation, which are essentially letters […]

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