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CD library at college radio station WKDU. Photo: J. Waits

Me Too: Sexual Harassment and Abuse in College Radio

On social media this week, I’ve sadly been hearing countless first-hand accounts of instances of sexual harassment and abuse suffered by my friends, colleagues, and family members. As I read through many personal stories describing reprehensible behavior by men throughout my friends’ lives, I’m reminded of so many occasions where I was was either harassed […]

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Randy Michaels may have left Tribune Tower, but something still stinks in there

Buried in the more sensational news that Randy Michaels resigned as Tribune CEO yesterday is the fact that a Delaware Judge is letting a group of creditors move forward with a lawsuit against chairman Sam Zell. This group of unsecured creditors contends that Zell’s Tribune buyout was a “fraudulent transfer” that primarily lined the pockets […]

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