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“More dirtbags” on public radio podcasts & more podcasting wisdom from RadioVision

Here at Radio Survivor we firmly believe that podcasts are a form of radio, and for many listeners that’s how they hear their favorite broadcast shows, from This American Life to Elvis Duran. Podcasting also was a prime topic at this year’s WFMU RadioVision festival, held this past Saturday, October 19 in New York City. […]

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Ce n'est pas un podcast

The podcast patent troll speaks (to Planet Money)

In March we told you about the SHIELD Act which was introduced into Congress to help reform patent laws, particularly targeting patent owners who are “non-practicing,” meaning that they aren’t actually making use of their patents. One such “non-practicing” patent owner is Jim Logan, whose company Personal Audio is suing podcasters like Adam Corolla, claiming […]

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