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Letter from J. Edgar Hoover to Paul Harvey

The FBI’s radio files: a quick guide

If you are a radio history buff like me, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s records vault website is a treasure trove of fun stuff. Over the years, the FBI has kept track of various radio celebrities (often for dubious reasons), and also monitored radio broadcasts on a regular basis. Obviously everything in these files should […]

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Citadel's 5-year Stock Price Performance

Greed and Consolidation Trigger Another Bankruptcy in Radioland

On Friday the Wall Street Journal reported news that’s no surprise to radio industry watchers, that the third largest radio owners in the country, Citadel Communications, is about to declare bankruptcy in a deal pre-arranged with its creditors. The loudest critic of Citadel has been industry-insider Jerry Del Colliano who predicted last week that the […]

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